10 Best Beauty Tricks to Hide a Hangover


9. Time for an up-do

If you feel tempted to do nothing more strenuous with your hair than throwing it into a ponytail, you’ve actually got the right idea. Pulling your hair back will lift your facial features at a time when they really want to sag, kind of like a mini-face lift. A bun or twist will accomplish the same thing. Just don’t pull your hair too tight; that’s a sure tip-off that you’re feeling less than your best!

However, if your hair is a bit dirty, resort to the help of dry shampoo. It will take nearly 5 minutes to refresh your hair. This way, you’ll be saved from the last night’s cigarette smell. If you don’t have one, baking powder or soda will serve as a great substitute for dry shampoo. Take one tsp. of powder and add a couple of drops of any essential oil – this will only benefit to your scalp.

There are also some other ways to make you hair look good. Use headscarves, hair bands or rim to divert useless attention from your hair. Personally I know perfectly well that I will get up to wash my hair even when I’m far from well-being. But I hope these tips will help you.