10 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine


If you were granted one session with a top-notch stylist, what secret would you demand to know? The perfect shade of lipstick? No… those changes with the season. Whether you should use cream or powder foundation? No, again…your skin is likely to change as you age, so one single formula won’t always be right. How to look gorgeous without spending hours in front of the mirror? Now, that’s a secret a lot of women would love to be in on. Fortunately, you don’t actually need to visit a stylist for that one. I’ve got some tips right here that will help you squeeze in a few more swipes at the snooze button and still leave home on time, looking gorgeous.

1. Take a cue from top chefs

What could chefs possibly have to do with your morning beauty routine? Well, the best chefs swear by something called “mise en place.” It’s a French phrase that means “put in place.” Before they start cooking, they make sure they have their ingredients prepped and all of the tools they need clean and ready to go. It’s a strategy worth copying. Before you go to bed, set out everything you’ll need to get ready the next morning. Here’s one simple trick I learned when moving from place to place. I get used to keep my entire beauty tools distributed into boxes with categories “Brushes”, “Lip beauty”, “Skin care”, “Shades” and so on. If you don’t have an organizer for this aim, it’s easy to do it yourself. You will need a few boxes or containers for food with the categories of the products you want to separate. Make sure that the boxes are clean and dry. Bear in mind that cream and friable products is better to keep separate. Develop a habit of storing all your beauty products in one place, for example on your dresser. You’ll be amazed how much time you save by not having to fumble through your drawers looking for your favorite eye shadow.