7 Beauty Ideas to Try for Holiday Parties


If you want to add some glamour to your everyday beauty routine or wear out to a holiday party then you should try out these easy yet striking holiday beauty ideas. You can do so much with makeup by experimenting and trying out new techniques and shades. Make your holiday party even brighter with these 7 easy beauty ideas to try for holiday parties.

1. Exaggerate eyes

A really great beauty idea to try out for holiday parties is to do some awesome faux lashes. Faux lashes can at once take your eye makeup look tempting!

If you never wear faux lashes, you should try out several different styles before you wear them out in order to feel comfortable wearing them. If you wear faux lashes all the time, then try some of the flashier types.

2. Bright eyelids

Another beautiful idea to try for holiday parties is brightly colored eyelids. Our eyes are one of the places we can get bright and bold, so forget about traditional black or brown smoky eye. Try out rich jewel-toned hues like blue or green or even multi-toned eyes as seen in most fashion shows.

3. Bright lips

One of the most usual holiday beauty ideas is to wear a red lip. But if you don’t like wearing red try bright lavender or hot pink lipstick instead.

Both colors will make your lips stand out and they will be as merry and cheerful as the traditional red color. If you like wearing red lips, then try out a different tone or shade and switch things up.

4. Sparkling nails

Painting nails is my favorite beauty pastime and this holiday season I want to try a bright manicure with some sparkle. There are many ways to make sparkling nails. You can do a simple manicure with great glitter nail polish, a chunky glitter topcoat, magnetic glitter polish, or holographic nail polish.

5. Themed nails

If you’re bored of nail art, try out some fun-themed nails this holiday season. You can draw on your nails whatever you want: lights, snowflakes, or candy canes.

Do a couple of accent nails, then paint the rest a solid color. If you have got shaky hands, try nails polish or stamping strips to get in the holiday spirit!

6. Shimmer

If you want to make your skin glow this winter you should use a shimmer. Try using a cream illuminator, shimmery eye shadow, or shimmer powder, or a highlighter the area under your eyes, along the cheek or nose area. Don’t use a lot to get a noticeable effect because you simply overdo it or you can end up looking shiny or aged.

7. Switch hairstyle

You might be so busy doing your holiday makeup and getting dressed but you shouldn’t forget about your hair! A hairstyle can actually make or break your look. This beauty ideal for holiday parties is to switch up your hairstyle.

If you always wear romantic curls, why not try some waves? If you always wear long flowing hair why not make a ponytail and show off your neck? This holiday season it’s time to try something new!

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There are many beautiful ideas for holiday parties and I hope you try some of them and enjoy your look! What other beauty ideas do you know? Share your thoughts, please!