7 Essential Beauty Treatments to Give Yourself Every Week


Did you know about essential beauty treatments you should give yourself every week? Beauty treatments are great since they improve your appearance and renew your body, mind, and soul.

I love to devote time to beauty treatments every week. Saturday is a perfect day for me to do all of the essential beauty treatments because it is so difficult to fit in on any other day of the week. Here are seven essential beauty treatments to give yourself each week.

1. A facial mask

One of the amazing beauty treatments you should give yourself weekly is a facial mask. There is a wide variety of facial masks. They range from moisturizing to purifying to an evening out of the skin tone.

I usually make a facial mask each Saturday morning. My face is always clear and bright afterward and my skin looks a bit smoother.

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2. A deep conditioning treatment for hair

Another must-do beauty treatment is a deep conditioning treatment for hair. Sure, you can do it monthly, but I feel that doing a deep conditioning treatment weekly is the best option for my hair.

This keeps my hair soft, healthy, and gorgeous. Sometimes I wrap my condition-coated hair in a warm towel and get even better results. You can try it too.

3. Microdermabrasion treatments

While a microdermabrasion treatment is great for your face, you should use caution with it. Some microdermabrasion treatments can be harsh for your skin.

Read the instructions and find out how often to do them. Personally, I do a microdermabrasion treatment once a week and my skin feels newer after it.

4. A manicure day

Saturday is my manicure day. On this day I work on the cuticles, file my nails and paint them. I love to do them on Saturday so they’re beautiful for church on Sunday. When I don’t have time for a manicure, I just give my nails a coat of clear polish to make them look pretty.

5. A soothing foot bath

You shouldn’t forget to take care of your feet. They take a lot of abuse each day. We often expect them to go and go and go for us but forget to give them tender loving care.

I soak my feet weekly in warm water and use a foot file to remove the dead skin. Then I apply a cream or lotion that is created especially for feet to make them soft and smooth.

6. Relaxing exfoliating

I love the feel of using a body wash or body scrub. I usually use an exfoliating sugar scrub to remove the dead skin and reveal new skin underneath.

You can even use a loofah in order to up the exfoliating factor. I try to use a body scrub once a week. It’s enough for me.

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7. Fabulous moisturizing

After your relaxing exfoliating, apply body butter. If you’ve never used body butter before, make sure to buy it and try it.

Body butter moisturizes your skin much better than body lotion. If you choose body butter with a nice fragrance, you will not need perfume.

These are some of the most essential treatments you should give yourself every week. Please let me know about your beauty treatments. I’m always on the lookout for beauty treatments to give myself.