4 Tips on How To Treat Common Beauty Problems for Eyes


Dark circles and puffy eye bags are common and annoying beauty problems for most women. Waking up to find these beauty problems is something that can ruin anyone’s mood. So how do you solve these pesky eye problems, or at least, minimize them? The following tips will show you how.

1. Get enough sleep

The most common cause of dark circles and puffy eye bags is lack of sleep. Giving your eyes enough rest will show a lot of improvement within a week or less.

This is the quickest and most effective fix.  Get good old regular shuteye and you will see positive changes to your peepers no beauty product can ever match.

2. Watch your diet

Your diet can cause you to have extra puffiness around the eyes and other areas. Switch your snack choices from junk food to better items such as yogurt and fruits. It also pays a lot to watch your salt intake. A lot of salt causes your body to retain more water.

“Isn’t water a good thing?” you might ask. Yes, but not when it’s water retained around the eye area which can cause them to look puffy. Lessen the salt in your body and drink more water.

You read it right: drinking more water lessens the water retention in your body. That’s because sufficient water intake flushes out salt and toxins from your body which are the culprits that cause you to retain water in unwanted areas.

3. Keep teabags at hand

One of the cheapest and most effective techniques to rid yourself of eye bags is putting teabags over your eyes for several minutes. Tea contains chemicals that soothe away puffiness. Common black tea will do the trick. Dip the teabags in water and leave them in the freezer until frozen.

Remove the tea bags from the freezer and place one tea bag over each eye. You might want to play some relaxing music while you do this.

Lie down with the bags on closed eyes for about 15 minutes. This is great not only for your eyes but for your mental health as well if you relax and do some breathing exercises during the process.

4. Beauty products can help

Quality eye creams are essential to fix and prevent eye beauty problems from fine lines to dark circles and puffiness. Most of these creams are best used in the morning before applying your makeup and every night before going to bed.

Eye creams help moisturize and refresh tired eyes, lessening the chances of wrinkles and puffiness. Read the labels as not all eye beauty products are the same. Find one that is specifically suited to your eye beauty problem.

There is not just one specific cure to get rid of dark circles or eye bags. It takes time and all these steps to ensure your eyes stay as beautiful looking as can be. Fresh and bright eyes will shed years off your face. Also, eyes are usually the first features people notice, and being diligent in taking care of your eyes will be worth it.