7 Tips to Celebrate This Christmas on Budget


Christmas is a merry and joyful holiday of the year but often it ends up being a stressful obstacle that has us worrying about bank accounts and credit cards. This year I suggest you forget about the financial problems and celebrate Christmas on a budget. Here is the list of 7 tips on how to celebrate this Christmas on budget.

1. Give homemade gifts

One of the best ways to give something to your relatives and friends without spending lots of money is making homemade Christmas gifts. Bake some cookies and send your friends or relatives home. You spend money only on some cookie ingredients.

If you have any special knitting or crafting skills, use these skills and save your money. If you specialize in a specific service like computer repair, photography, child care, or some other things, give a coupon offering a few hours of your time as a present.

2. Switch to e-cards

A few dollars for a greeting card it’s not a lot. However when you send out a great number of cards to all your relatives and friends you have to spend lots of money. Why not switch to e-cards?

An elegant, funny, cute, or animated e-card shows your friends that you’re thinking about them over the holidays without spending lots of money on greeting cards, which will be thrown within a few weeks. However, if want to send paper cards without wasting money make a series of homemade cards. Of course, you’ll need to buy some supplies to make them, but you’ll cut the overall cost.

3. Feed your guests for less

A great cost around Christmas is an expensive party. I know, you get into the Christmas spirit and you want to provide everything for your family and friends, but taking too much on yourself can ruin your bank account.

Let your relatives and friends help you and throw a small party instead of a big Christmas feast, which you’re going to arrange on your own. Ask your friends to bring alcohol or some delicious cookies with them.

4. Make Christmas decorations yourself

Homemade decorations not only let you decorate your home without wasting money but it also a perfect way to spend some time doing something crafty and fun with your family. For example, make a popcorn garland. It is a tasty decoration, which requires only popcorn, needle, and thread.

Homemade garland with fresh pine boughs is an amazing addition to any door. You can also make paper snowflakes and collages from old Christmas cards. It’s one of the easiest ways to celebrate this Christmas on budget.

5. You aren’t Santa Clause

Of course, it’s a good feeling to give a present to everyone you’ve ever met but you are not Santa Clause. Give great presents only to your family and close friends. If you have a huge circle of family, friends, and co-workers, your list might be around 40 names, that’s why cut this list down to about 6-10.

6. Inexpensive entertainment

Christmas is a great time to enjoy free entertainment anywhere you go. Walking through any mall in your town is a wonderful way to enjoy some amazing Christmas displays.

Take a steamy cup of hot chocolate and take your family and friends for a walk or drive through any neighborhood. If you have friends who love to sing and have lovely voices, go caroling at a local mall or throughout the streets.

7. Give your time instead of presents

Volunteering at a local orphanage, nursing home or animal shelter is an excellent way to get into the Christmas spirit of giving. Spend your time with those who really need it.

You shouldn’t have a lot of money, you just help others. Maybe you’ll like volunteering and want to continue helping other people even after Christmas. Just try!

It’s so easy to get distracted with ads during the holidays, but remind yourself that Christmas time isn’t only for shopping. Focus on spending more time with your family and friends and you will enjoy a more rewarding Christmas this year that you forget about bank accounts and credit cards. How do you celebrate Christmas? Share your thoughts, please!