7 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas


You might think that Christmas gift ideas on a budget are a bad thing, but trust me, it’s not. Of course, it can be a little strange and hard to get used to, especially if you used to spend lots of money on gifts.

Ask your mother, cousins, or best friend – every one of them had to give inexpensive gifts at least once in their life and maybe you didn’t even notice it. Christmas isn’t about gifts, especially when you don’t have kids, yet we all love gifts. Here are several inexpensive gift ideas that will make your dearest and nearest happy this Christmas.

1. Food-themed gifts

Buying an elegantly wrapped box of chocolates is great but you’ll save more money if you make tasty treats in your own kitchen. You can experiment with muffins, chocolate-covered strawberries, handmade chocolates, and chocolate chip cookies.

If the person you’re preparing the gift for has a sweet tooth, you can be sure that your cheap Christmas gift will be perfect. If you know a receiver is trying to drop weight, consider making diet-friendly treats.

2. Hand-knitted clothes

If you can knit or sew, there are many budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas you can use. Personally, I like this idea and it would be great if someone gave me such a gift.

Maybe you have some nice cool fabrics lying around and waiting to be used. If not, visit a few stores and see if they have something on sale. It’s a frugal way to stock up on fabrics you will need for your Christmas gifts.

3. Flowers

I’m not talking about bouquets of fresh flowers, I mean potted plants. Last year my cousin got me a pot of baby orchids for Christmas and I have to admit that getting a flower that isn’t going to die within the next couple of days is unbelievably refreshing.

If you want something unusual and exotic but should plan your Christmas gift ideas on a budget, I suggest you buy a seed (it’s less expensive than grown plants) and grow plants at home. Take a small pot, paint it beautifully and put your own plants inside.

You can also buy a potted herb that is cheap but useful. Decorate and wrap your gift and you’re ready to go to a party!

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4. Congratulatory things

If you purchase lots of beauty products, you probably receive some congratulatory items. Sure, oftentimes those things are small and cheap but there definitely are some items that are fit to be given as gifts.

For example, buying your favorite perfume would get you beautiful jewelry for free. Wouldn’t a ring or a necklace be a lovely gift for your sister or friend?

5. Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts make the ideal gifts. They don’t necessarily have to be exquisite. Find a talented artist to draw a portrait of the person you want to astonish for Christmas.

Some artists won’t even charge you if you pay for the material, others can charge not a big fee. If you know that your mother wants a pot, make this pot or, at least, paint nicely a store-bought one.

There are many budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas you can use and you shouldn’t be afraid to be creative. When I get a handmade gift I know that it’s only for me and I don’t care about the price tag.

6. Gift bags

When you have a lot of relatives and friends to visit and not enough money for gifts, create little gift bags. While shopping, find as many store-bought gift baskets and gift bags as possible.

Pay attention to their contents and then go to arts and crafts stores and buy items needed to make those same gift bags. If you want your gifts to be bigger, purchase a few baskets and make the bigger gifts that will contain candies, a bottle of wine, decorative scented candles, fruits, etc.

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7. Unwanted gifts

Everyone has a lot of unwanted gifts. You may say that it’s not okay to give away things you received as gifts, but I also thought this way until my best friend auctioned a clock she received from me as a birthday gift.

I don’t blame her, because I also have a lot of unwanted gifts. There’s nothing terrible about re-gifting, after all. Those things that are scattered around your house without a place to go might make the people you love happier on Christmas.

These are some of the most lovely, budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas to consider when you have no idea what to gift on December 25. Cheap Christmas gifts can be much better and more creative than expensive ones.

Appreciate and focus on the people you love, not the gifts. If you have any budget-friendly Christmas ideas, feel free to share them with us. The list may be surprisingly long!