How to Surprise Your Mom on Christmas


Let’s face it, our moms will take whatever we give them for Christmas with a happy smile, just as they have since we brought home our raggedy cutout snowflakes in first grade. The thing is, we’re grown up now and after so many Christmas celebrations together, we’ve run out of ideas that aren’t the same worn-out offerings to her: the scarf, the book, the fancy can opener, a box of chocolates, something related to her hobbies.

We probably have a good idea what NOT to give her: a kitchen appliance (unless she’s asked for it), any kind of clothing she hasn’t gone with us to pick out, a book on making the home beautiful, a picture frame… you know that list.

So what would bring a genuine shriek of delight or make her express her awe in a way that tells you she means every word: “Oh, this is so perfect!” or “How did you know it’s what I’ve wanted for so long?” The thing is, moms just about never get Christmas gifts that surprise them that way. So here are some ideas to inspire you to make that happen…

1. Original poster

An original poster for her all-time favorite movie. These are available on many Internet movie websites.

They can be pricey if the movie was earlier than 1970 or if it was a blockbuster, but there are many that are reasonable; the only thing you need to be sure of is that the company selling them is well-known. Add in a certificate for a poster frame (metal, not plastic), or order it already framed.

2. Family

One of the most treasured memories for a mother is having the family all around during the holidays: Christmas caroling, the Christmas Eve service, the excitement of the children on Christmas morning, the shared, special dinner in the afternoon. These memories fill her thoughts in the holidays, especially if the family, immediate and extended, is scattered in faraway places, as they often are.

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3. MiXMiCS XMas

There’s one unique gift that can bring everyone together in a way that tells mom how much she is loved, and at the same time, it can give the family a whole new holiday connection. MiXMiCS XMas does that for you.

Just choose your favorite holiday tune and invite family and friends to record it together online. This will give her a merry, memorable, musical holiday!

4. Local spa

One gift often suggested for mothers is a day at the local spa, and that is a great idea if it’s her kind of thing, but what if it isn’t? Then give her instead of a spa at home!

In a woven basket put lavender (the most relaxing) soap, bubble bath (any kind will do!), candles in small, rose-colored glass jars or a box of spa lights, aromatherapy oils, comfortable large wool socks (white), bath pearls, peach body lotion, and a card that promises to leave her in peace to enjoy some “Mom-time.”

The idea is not to buy a package of bath products already done up — personalize it by making each thing you put into the basket a gift of its own. Wrap the whole basket in metallic paper and a glittery bow. She’ll know you created it, and that will be the best surprise of all.

5. Special event

The holidays are hectic for mothers especially, so make a reservation for this next gift in the month of January so your mom can really enjoy it. Where? No, not a restaurant. A much better surprise, a place she would never expect to find herself!

Leave a card in her Christmas stocking that lets her know on such and such a day you are taking her to a special event. Don’t tell her what it is. Here are your choices: a roller derby, a hot air balloon ride, an indoor shooting range, a flight in a vintage biplane, or a tour of a glassmaking studio.

6. Mom, you’re right

Last, but by no means least, you can always rely on this gift to please her. Listen to what she tells you and say these words: “Mom, you’re right.”

You can see how the unique gift is the one that will surprise her the most. We all know our mothers in unique ways. No doubt other ideas have come to mind for you already, and that’s the point. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to show her just how much we appreciate and love who she is.