10 Totally Unique Ways to Celebrate Christmas


Christmas can be a stressful time that requires a good deal of planning and preparation before the big day. It can also require a great deal of money to be able to have what many deem to be a traditional family Christmas. If you are bored of the traditional gift-giving followed by a turkey dinner, then why not try one of the following unique ways to celebrate Christmas? Christmas doesn’t have to be ordinary or boring, it has to be happily memorable.

1. Dive into crafting

Instead of spending a fortune on gifts this Christmas, why not choose to give handmade gifts to your friends and family? The Internet is full of tutorials on how to create just about anything including photo frames, jewellery, clothing and much more. A handmade gift is also far more personal than an item bought from a store. You can also create your own festive decorations to boost your Christmas spirit.