7 Traits of Girls Who Know Nothing About Stress


Believe it or not, some girls know nothing about stress. They live their lives to the fullest and rarely face regret. It’s not a gift. It’s a lifestyle. Many of us add stress and anxiety to our daily routines. We put ourselves in stressful situations and think this is normal. We look around and see everybody looking as stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed and miserable as we are. However, just because stress is a common thing, it doesn’t make it normal. We often numb ourselves with wrong beliefs and distractions that we don’t realize that this harms our health and reduce our lifespan. If you want to become a girl who knows nothing about stress, try to develop these positive traits.

1. They take precautions

Girls who live lives without stress are humans, just like we are, which means they can’t avoid mistakes, failures and complicated situations. But instead of worrying, dwelling and stressing over them, they take precautions. They reduce the likeliness of stress and failure to a minimum. When they fail, they don’t lose their confidence. They become stronger and calmer.

2. They have a plan

They know what they should do and they do it. They know what tasks are a waste of time and they avoid them. Girls who know nothing about stress always have plan for the day. Of course, it’s impossible to plan everything – you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. When you have a plan, though, you don’t spend hours gossiping in the office kitchen and thinking how to survive the next day.

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3. They know how to budget

Waiting for the time when the eagle flies isn’t for girls who never stress out. Regardless of the paycheck, they know how to budget what they get. They avoid overspending and running into debts, even when they have nothing to wear and eat. They know exactly how much they need to spend on food because they create a monthly meal plan, and they stick to minimalism when it comes to clothes. Unfortunately, people stress over money too much, which leads to a number of serious mental disorders.

4. They start early

Big project next month? Birthday party next week? Christmas dinner in two months? Women who know nothing about stress, start doing everything early. Procrastination isn’t their thing. They wonder how others can prepare for an exam overnight or accomplish a task an hour before the meeting. It’s a lot of stress. As soon as they get a task, they start right away.

5. They speak up

Never stressed women aren’t afraid to express their opinions. It’s not because they’re confident. It’s because they have no time for hinting and mumbling. When they feel they deserve a raise, they will definitely let their bosses know about it. When they don’t like someone doing something, they will confront that person. Oftentimes, never stressed women look selfish and rude. In reality, they simply express their opinions.

6. They don’t gossip

All people gossip. It’s a bad habit that causes many troubles and stress. It’s like a plague these days. Men and women alike have a tendency to spread gossips in the workplaces that usually lead to conflicts and poor productivity. Girls who know nothing about stress view gossiping differently. Instead of talking about people behind their backs, they tell whatever they want directly, looking in the eyes. They tell the truth. No lie. No hiding. No stress. A simple formula that most of us ignore.

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7. They make decisions right away

We take thousands of decisions each day. Some are as ridiculous and fun as “Where do I spend Friday?’ and others are as crucial as “When is it best to quit a job?” or “How to tell my parents I want to move to another country.” Both types of decisions require time, but overthinking and stress go hand in hand. Never stressed girls don’t dwell on decisions, they make them right away without hesitation. They don’t wait for approval and advice.

Stress-free life is a dream. Girls who never stress out have been blessed with the ability to stay calm, relaxed and alert in most areas of life. Stress is inevitable. Some deal with it quickly and some let stress ruin their health and lives. If you know someone who live a stress-free life, let them become your role model. Never stressed women worked for their stress-free lives. They spent months and years getting rid of bad habits and mastering the best ones. Be in tune with your emotions and craft your calm lifestyle. This way, you will be able to become one of the girls who know nothing about stress.