20 Best Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is meant for people of all colors and ages and is filled with immense activities and surprises. In fact, there are numerous ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Watching a good romantic movie that is based on the Valentine’s Day theme is a great way to celebrate the holiday, especially if you watch it with your sweetheart. There are movies that create an atmosphere of harmony and love and manage to do so, regardless of the number of times we watch them. Here are 6 best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.

1. The Notebook, 2004

The Notebook beats numerous love stories hollow, showing how true love exceeds health, time, and situations. In this one of the best movies for Valentine’s Day, Allie and Noah are meant to be together, and despite struggles, they unite and live a wonderful life where their love never dies.

One of the top Valentines movies of our century speaks to many aspects of the relationship between a man and a woman. Even if a loved one has lost his memory but still loves him, you will surely be able to make him remember the best moments of his life and share them together.

2. Valentine’s Day, 2010

Valentine’s Day is a fun movie with different actors, plots, and storylines, but all speak the language of love. All heroes hope Valentine’s Day will bring them something magical and romantic.

A fun and warm-filled best Valentines Day movie revolves around St. Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles and showcases heartbreaks and romance at their best. Loss of love and love are perfectly captured in this practical and dreamy movie that’s made keeping in mind the meaning of love.

3. Sabrina, 1995

This one of the good Valentine’s Day movies is about an ugly duckling who turns herself into a beautiful, sophisticated swan. Sabrina had always dreamed of falling in love with a rich guy who never even gave her a quick glance. He was falling in love with the new beautiful lady. However, something was brewing between the guy’s older brother and Sabrina.

4. Somewhere in time, 1980

The story revolves around the hero who travels back in time to meet his life and love. The hero of the 1980s goes back in time to meet his beloved but fate returns the man to his times. However, they ultimately reunite and renew their passion for belonging and love. Watch this one of the most incredible Valentine’s movies to get many positive emotions.

5. When Harry met Sally, 1989

It is a romantic comedy about Harry and Sally, former classmates who only realized 12 years after graduation that they love each other. Situations and time play a significant role in their love life, and so many occurrences and quirks are taken from life, making us relate to their story.

This magnificent romantic film highlights a lot of the average elements of the relationship between a man and a woman, lucidly illustrating the full range of comical, dramatic, and realistic components of a love life. Taking it into consideration, watching this one of the best Valentine’s movies is a perfect idea.

6. Shrek, 2001

Another one of the best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day is Shrek. Shrek and its sequels show the love between a beautiful princess and an ogre. They love each other so much that the princess turns into an ogre, leaves her family and kingdom, and stays in Shrek’s humble abode. They have plenty of different adventures, but their love grows stronger with challenges and time.

7. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, 2004

Finally, the machine that allows you to get rid of any memories has been invented. Joel and Clementine decide to put each other out of their minds. But the most tender moments of their feelings are still alive in Joel’s memory. The less he remembers, the more he loves.

Realizing that he adores Clementine, Joel tries to find a way to return to his beloved the memory of the past. He must defeat the hated computer brain at all costs! The meaning of this one of the most incredible Valentine’s movies is that true love cannot be forgotten, even if you have renounced your worldly life.

8. Titanic, 1997

In this one of the most romantic movies to watch on Valentine’s Day, young lovers Jack and Rose find each other on the first and last voyage of the “unsinkable” Titanic. Little did they know that a luxury liner would collide with an iceberg in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, and their passionate love would turn into a fight against death.

This one of the legendary Valentine’s movies teaches that as on a ship during this interval, which should have been short-lived but became infinity, all people are equal in the world. And you need to love and care for each other, cherishing every moment of life.

9. Runaway Bride, 1999

One of the best Valentine’s movies is about Maggie Carpenter, who is scared of marriage, and every time it comes down to marriage, she runs right off the altar. Thus, Maggie has three failed weddings behind her. While she is preparing for the fourth, journalist Hayk arrives in her town and is going to write a revealing article about her.

This one of the best movies for Valentine’s Day teaches patience, forgiveness, and not just to hear, but to listen to each other, understand, and think about the reasons for human actions. But, most importantly, we should understand ourselves.

10. Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2001

The heroine of this incredible Valentine’s Day movie, Bridget Jones, finally decided to pull herself together and start a new life! She is already over thirty but limply indulges her bad habits and does not dare to get rid of extra pounds.

Bridget Jones starts a diary to describe her achievements and victories: how she will get rid of extra pounds and bad habits, as well as improve her personal life. Her parents want to marry her to the son of neighbors, modest Mark, and Bridget is crazy about her irresistible boss Daniel. But, unexpectedly, the choice is not at all easy. So if you want to have a wonderful time this holiday, you should definitely watch this one of the spectacular Valentine’s Day movies.

11. Lost in Translation, 2003

Fleeing from insomnia, two Americans, a middle-aged TV actor Bob Harris and a pretty girl Charlotte met in a fashionable bar of an expensive hotel in Tokyo. He starred in a Japanese whiskey commercial, and she arrived with her husband, both – lost in this unfamiliar city.

One of the best movies for Valentine’s Day accurately conveys the melancholy mood of the heroes who have insomnia, the loneliness of unfree people, the poise of Japan, the unbearable lightness of being, the calmness and slowness of the plot, and in the finale, light, pleasant notes of nostalgia.

12. 50 First Dates, 2004

Another perfect Valentine’s Day movie is 50 First Dates, where Henry Roth falls in love with the charming Lucy. Despite minor interference, the persistent Romeo achieves the reciprocity of the beauty by the evening. Young people are happy and sure that their love will last forever.

Alas, due to the consequences of a car accident, the girl in the morning does not remember anything from what happened the day before. Despite this, Henry does not intend to give up and is going to fight for his love, even if he has to make Lucy fall in love with him every day! So devote your time to watching this best Valentines movie, and you will not regret this.

13. Pride & Prejudice, 2005

The story of the relationship between a girl from a poor but respected family and a young rich aristocrat. The main theme of this one of the best Valentine’s day movies is love, which can radically change the views and behavior of any person. And also a novel about how important it is to get married and marry for love. Through the prism of the stories of the main characters, it is shown how important it is to choose love over financial well-being.

14. Before Sunrise, 1995

A young American, Jesse, meets a beautiful French woman, Celine, on the train. They immediately find many common topics for conversation, and Jesse persuades Celine to go with him to Vienna to spend the evening and night together since he must fly home to the States in the morning. That night a miracle happened. Love was born between a man and a woman, and everything else ceased to matter. The lovers use every precious moment to get to know each other better and to have time to exchange all their memories and dreams.
This one of the marvelous Valentine’s movies teaches us that there is nothing better than good old-fashioned conversations to strike up a relationship with a stranger. You will be surprised how much you can learn about a person just by talking about various seemingly insignificant topics. During one of these conversations, you can even find a partner for the rest of your life.

15. Before Sunset, 2004

The continuation of the previous romantic melodrama, Before Sunrise, where the characters of which, for the first time, accidentally met in pre-dawn Vienna, is the film Before Sunset. In this one of the best Valentine’s movies, nine years later, we saw them again in Paris. Now they have at their disposal a few hours in pre-sunset Paris, during which they need to decide what their tomorrow will be like.

16. Before Midnight, 2013

A brilliant continuation of one of the most touching and true love movies to watch on Valentine’s Day. Almost ten years have passed since our last meeting with Jessie and Celine. They have charming twin daughters, and Jesse’s son from his first marriage, Hank, is forced to be torn between his mother and father. Now the whole family is vacationing in Greece, Hank has just flown home to New York, and Jessie and Celine have a rare free evening they can devote to themselves – friends have agreed to look after their children. However, casual chatter gradually turns to where they might not get out.

17. Blue Valentine, 2010

In this one of the best Valentine’s movies, Dean and Cindy “bathed” in their love, but after a while, they got fed up with this feeling. Incomprehensibly, it transformed and became a burden because, as time goes by, it gets harder to stay romantic. Of course, it can’t be done without glimpses, but that’s a different story.

18. Ruby Sparks, 2012

A young and successful but extremely lonely writer, Calvin, who is experiencing love and creative crisis, regularly visits a psychologist. The hero of one of the best Valentine’s movies has the opportunity to create an ideal partner for life according to his standards. In addition, he can, if something happens, modify him.

To all people who cross the line between teenage illusions and harsh reality, the understanding comes that it is impossible to control a person. This one of the best Valentine’s films teaches that you can’t just impose your vision of life on him. Instead, you should accept a person as he is, with his shortcomings and peculiarities.

19. Only Lover Left Alive, 2013

One of the best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day is of the ancient vampires Adam and Eve. Adam is a rocker from Detroit who plays underground music. He is already very old, wants silence and peace, and quietly hates people. On the other hand, Eva is a cheerful older Vampirella who communicates with Shakespeare’s poet, Christopher Marlowe, and lives in Tangier. She comes to pull her lover out of the abyss of depression.

This Valentine’s movie is about how love is the crown of everything. It can overcome longing and a personal crisis, and it experiences life and death because of her everything that we know and love exists, from works of art to religions and interpretations of the world order.

20. Meet Joe Black, 1998

Death appears in the life of a wealthy and influential newspaper magnate, William Parrish, in the form of a charming young man named Joe Black. Tired of his usual duties, Death offers Parrish an unusual agreement: the magnate will become Joe’s guide to the world of the living, where he plans to spend his vacation.
Joe discovers the simplest pleasures of life. But they all fade into the background after he finds the most beautiful human feeling – love, falling in love with his daughter Susan.
This one of the best Valentine’s movies teaches us to enjoy simple human joys and see the meaning of life in them.
The film teaches literacy in choosing a partner and building relationships in general. It teaches that before entering a relationship, you must deal with yourself and your unconscious programs for building relationships laid down in childhood and not make hasty decisions.
What is your favorite Valentine’s Day movie? What would you add to this list? Share your thoughts, please!
Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day:

What is the most popular Valentine’s Day movie?

La La Land is the most popular Valentine’s day movie. The story centers on loving jazz pianist Sebastian and aspiring actress Mia, who live in Los Angeles and pursue their dreams. Mia and Seb support each other emotionally and help each other achieve their goals, but the closer they get to success, the more difficult it becomes for them to be together.

What should I watch for Valentines Day?

The Notebook is a perfect movie to watch for Valentine’s Day if you need to remember a cute, kind, and tear-jerking film, this particular picture comes to mind first.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is for hopeless romantics. Once the perfect couple, Joel and Clementine decide to put each other out of their minds and turn to a memory-erasing company. The paradox is that, in fact, their love is so strong that this rash decision leads to a very, very unexpected result.
Persuasion is also considered one of the best Valentine’s Day movies. After seven years of separation, Ann Elliot meets Captain Frederick Wentworth, with whom she once broke off her engagement. Now the former lovers have a chance to mend their relationship.

What is the best movie to watch on Valentine’s Day when you’re single?

Watching How to Be Single on Valentine’s Day when you are alone is best. It is about Alice, who, tired of life with her boyfriend, leaves him, moves in with her older sister Meg, finds a new job, and acquires a new girlfriend, Robin. As a result, she discovers that life is full of unexpected and pleasant surprises, even when there is no permanent partner. It is a good reminder that freedom can and should be enjoyed too.