6 Best Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is meant for people of all colors and ages and is filled with immense activities and surprises. In fact, there are numerous ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Watching a good romantic movie that is based on the Valentine’s Day theme is a great way to celebrate the holiday, especially if you watch it with your sweetheart. There are movies that create an atmosphere of harmony and love and manage to do so, regardless of the number of times we watch them. Here are 6 best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.

1. The Notebook

The Notebook beats numerous love stories hollow for it shows how true love exceeds health, time, and situations. Allie and Noah were meant to be together and in spite of struggles, they unite and live a wonderful life where their love never dies.

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a fun movie that has different actors, different plots, and different storylines, but all speaking the language of love. A fun and warm filled movie revolves around St. Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles and showcases heartbreaks and romance at their best. Loss of love and love are perfectly captured in this practical and dreamy movie that’s made keeping in mind the meaning of love.

3. Sabrina

This movie is about an ugly duckling who turns herself into a beautiful and sophisticated looking swan. Sabrina had always dreamed of falling in love with a rich guy who never even gave her a quick glance. He was falling in love with the new beautiful lady. However, there was something brewing between the guy’s elder matured brother and Sabrina.

4. Somewhere in time

The story revolves around the hero who travels back in time to meet his life and love. The hero of the 1980s goes back in time to meet his beloved but a fate returns the man to his times. However, they ultimately reunite and renew their passion for belonging and love.

5. When Harry met Sally

A very endearing yet practical love story tells about love between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Situations and time play a significant role in their love life and so many occurrences and quirks are taken from life making us relate to their story.

6. Shrek

Shrek and its sequels show the love between a beautiful princess and an ogre. They love each other so much that the princess turns into an ogre and leaves her family and kingdom, and stay in Shrek’s humble abode. They have plenty of different adventures but their love grows stronger with challenges and time.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day movie? What would you add to this list? Share your thoughts, please!