9 Valentine’s Day Activities for the Whole Family


Valentine’s Day is also a celebration of love, so it should include the whole family regardless of whether you are a part of a couple or a single parent. Check out some Valentine’s Day activities for the whole family.

1. Have a themed dinner party

How often do you have a family dinner? If you rarely eat dinner together, why not arrange the perfect Valentine’s

Day dinner? Involve your children to make some decorations and set the table. There are many impressive decoration ideas online that can help you to get creative juices flowing.

2. Have a Valentine’s exchange

Grab some paper bags and decorate them together. Write the name of family member on those bags. Buy a box of cards or make your own cards. Write one thing you love about every member of the family on a card.

If your children can’t write yet, have them color a picture on every card. Fill out cards for every day of the week and drop one in each bag everyday. Gather the family together, open the bags and share the drawings or comments.

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3. Throw a family pajama party

Set a new family Valentine’s gift tradition, such as new pajamas. This tradition will matter more than the present itself or the price involved.

With or without the present, it’s a great idea to throw a family pajama party on Valentine’s Day. Make popcorn and watch a movie with the whole family or play some board games.

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4. Plan a family photo session

Take your camera and have a family photo shoot. Take a picture of every family member with each other member of the family in order to have two people per photo. Print the pictures out and ask each person to make a handmade Valentine’s card for the person in the photo with them.

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5. Tell your children your love story

Take advantage of an opportunity to tell your kids your love story: how you met and fell in love, what you’ve learned from your partner. Keep it age-appropriate, sweet and short. Your children may protest a bit, but in fact, they will like hearing their parents say good things about each other.

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6. Express love

Enlist the children to help you shower your partner with expressions of love throughout the week. Encourage your kids to give more hugs to your spouse, or ask them to do an extra chore that your partner usually shoulders.

Do some of chores yourself as a present to your spouse. This will help to shift the mindset from chores as an obligation to chores as an expression of consideration and love.

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7. Leave a legacy of love

Whether you are a single parent or married, Valentine’s Day is an important reminder to leave a legacy of love to your kids. One of the best ways to capture this legacy is to make a family scrapbook and update it annually at Valentine’s season. Besides family pictures, write down what you’ve learned about life and what you hope for your kids’ future.

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8. Write love notes for your kids

Put small love notes into your children’s lunch boxes. If you are married, ask your spouse to write a small message on the same piece of paper. Your children will be happy to see notes from the two of you together on the same card.

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9. Keep your date

If you are married and you have children it doesn’t mean that you can neglect your spouse. It’s okay to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the family all week long, but keep one night reserved only for you and your spouse. It is always a challenge to make time for a date night as parents, but time alone is important to a healthy marriage that eventually benefits your kids.

Whether it’s a few hours snatched alone together or a big night out on the town, make sure your partner remains at the forefront of the Valentine’s Day celebration. These are all Valentine’s Day activities for the whole family.

Do you know some other activities? Share your thoughts, please!