8 Tips for Making Valentine’s Day More Meaningful for Your Husband


Valentine’s Day is the most significant day for lovers. With Valentine’s Day approaching, many couples are looking for the best ways to show their love for each other, especially wives, who want to make every Valentine’s Day special for their husbands. Check out some tips for making Valentine’s Day more meaningful for your husband.

1. Flirt with him

Flirting with a man is a natural instinct, but after a few years of marriage and having children, it starts to fade away. Try to rekindle some of that spark with a slight touch to his cheek, a coy smile and a simple hand on his arm. It’s never ever too late to get the romance flowing again in your relationship.

2. Surprise him

Another way to make Valentine’s Day more meaningful for your husband is to surprise him. Send your husband an empty lunch box at work and then show up with his favorite meal, or send him flowers to his office, or take him to his favorite restaurant or hangout.

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3. Leave notes of appreciation

Show your sweetheart how much you appreciate him. For example, leave him a few notes of love and appreciation where your husband can find them easily throughout the day. Write ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ or ‘I Love You’ on the bathroom mirror, or on his car’s steering wheel, etc.

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4. Write him a letter

If you want to make this Valentine’s Day more meaningful for your husband, write a love letter to him. This will show that you put time and effort into writing something beautiful for him. Writing your own romantic love letter has a different charm of its own.

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5. Cook a special dinner

Organize a romantic dinner at home with something your husband likes the most. Decorate your table for a candlelight dinner. Make this day special for just the two of you and enjoy each other’s company.

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6. Make him blush

Get a permanent or temporary tattoo of your husband’s name on your body. Lower back or navel is a cool place to get yourself inked as it is guaranteed sensual place for your darling husband. You can also get a tattoo with ‘I Love You (your husband’s name)’ on your neck, arm or leg.

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7. Share romantic memories

While having dinner or dancing on Valentine’s Day, just recall romantic moments spent with your husband, such as your first date or your first kiss and share these memories with each other.

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8. Dress up

Finally, the last way to make Valentine’s Day more meaningful for your husband is to put on a dress that he gifted you, even if it is not a new one. He will be so pleased to see you wearing a dress that’s his favorite.

These are all ways to make Valentine’s Day more meaningful for your husband. Do you know some other ways? How will you surprise your husband on Valentine’s Day this year? Share your thoughts, please!