7 Ways to Have Fun When Your Husband Is Watching any Sports Game


I don’t like everything about the sport, but my husband is a real fan of football. I respect his passion, and I think he should relax this way without reference to my mind! So, when the games season starts, all that I think about is what to do during the matches.

You know, I have already found some ways to have fun! If you are like me and you can’t just sit with him and act some enthusiasm, look through my tips! Here are my things to do when my husband is watching a sports game.

1. Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

Do you love shopping? Of course, you do! No matter, what you are looking for, usually it’s very interesting! Maybe you need some new home stuff or you want to update your wardrobe, spend this time helpful and pleasant. You can just look through some new collections by your favorite designer, or visit one store that has just opened.

2. Nail’s day

If you got some time for free – use it for treating your nails! You can do manicures or pedicures, whatever you want. Of course, if your guy is having fun in a company with his friends and, for example, football, you can invite your girlfriends too, or do it alone. Add some favorite music and spend your time as you have never done it before!

3. Time for a book

Sometimes, all you need is a great book. If you haven’t had any time for it before, use this “football” time and find some comfortable place to read your book. I love this amusement very much, join me!

4. Let’s cook!

Let’s become the best wife and welcome to the kitchen! While your husband is out the real life, you can have some fun at the best place at home. Try a new recipe from your mother or invent something yourself. I’m sure, he will be happy to get some new delicious snacks during the stressful match!

5. Invite your girls

I’m sure, you have few girlfriends that agree with you about sports games. And if their guys are happy to share football time with your husband, you can invite them all. Boys can plunge into the sports world together and you, girls, can discuss whatever you want. For example, why are guys in love with this strange game?

6. Crafting time

Do you like doing something by yourself? I think it’s really interesting and enthralling! You can do a lot of handmade things during the match.

If you don’t need to have a lot of space for your crafting you can take a place near your husband. It’s really cute and a bit cozy to be with your love and do your favorite stuff!

7. Bathroom time

If your hubby is so busy with the game you can waste this time only for yourself. Pour the hot water into the bathroom and spend this time with the nice music, flavor bubbles, and special salts. Relax and have a super time, while your hubby is worried about the game with his favorite team. We don’t do it very often, but sometimes we need to let ourselves do this!

Oh, now I can’t say that I don’t like sport games season. We have a lot of things to do during this time! Don’t feel sad, just relax and have fun! So, what about you? Can you give some advice?