7 Creative Ways to Remind Your Husband You Love Him


If you want to add romance to your relationship, try to start small with some of these creative ideas. I like all of these ideas to remind your husband you love him. That’s the little things that really matter!

My hubby and I have always left some love notes for each other. Use some of these creative ways to remind your husband you love him and he is likely to leave some for you too!

1. Change his computer background or screen saver

Is your husband a tech junkie? Why not change his computer background or screen saver to a super sweet love message? If he always has his cell phone on him, change his background on it to a sweet message or a picture of the two of you.

2. Leave a message on the mirror

This is one of the best ways to remind your husband you love him. My husband often leaves the sweet little messages for me on my mirror. And I even get more creative with this once in a while and draw some fancy pictures. If you want to remind your hubby you love him, write a love message on the mirror or draw some pictures.

3. Leave a love note in his lunch box

I always pack a breakfast for my husband while he was getting ready and I always leave him a sweet message! When he opens his bag, he discovers the sweet words I’d left for him. Sometimes I also leave a banana message.

I take a toothpick and scratch some sweet words into the banana peel. Don’t worry it does not touch a banana inside. And when your husband pulls his lunch out, he will see your secret message!

4. Leave post-it notes

You can leave a few post-it notes on your husband’s monitor or you can take a whole pad and write out all the reasons you love your hubby. Leave these post-it notes stuck all over a door or a wall so that when he comes home there’s a huge colorful surprise waiting for him!

5. Slip a note into his wallet

If you want your husband to have a constant reminder that you love him, you can slip a note into his wallet. Take a piece of construction paper and write a sweet note to your husband, then “laminate” it using a clear packing tape so it would survive being shoved around in the wallet or getting wet.

6. Make a bookmark

If your husband loves reading and he always has his favorite book lying around his apartment, write sweet little notes or a love quote and stick it in the book where you know he is sure to find it. This is a great way to remind your sweetheart you love him!

7. Make a scavenger hunt

Send your husband on a scavenger hunt around your house or even around the city to one of your favorite places. Write on scrapbook paper or note cards small clues that will lead him from one place to another. A few creative ideas of places are the shower or your bed if you are making it around your home, or the place where you had your first date or first kiss if you are making it around the city.

Maybe it seems like a small gesture, but it’s a really significant one. How do you remind your husband you love him? Share your thoughts, please!