Things My Husband and I Do Daily to Stay Happy


My marriage is one of those things that are the most precious for me and that bring sense into my life. I’m strongly convinced that the relationship between spouses is like a plant that needs daily care and attention in order to stay alive and fresh. That’s why we should always nurture our relationship and increase the power of our love, no matter how long we have been living with our significant other.

My husband and I have been married for 3 years, and during this short period of time, I have clearly understood a few things that really matter to my family life and which make it stronger and happier. Those are our hard work, patience, and a mutual desire to have a successful marriage. I should say that love alone is not enough for a happy marriage, especially when you have to go through hard times that are waiting for you after your honeymoon.

Now I see that our understanding, support, and respect for each other can work wonders. I’ve found out that to be happy and feel satisfied with my husband I need to follow some simple rules every day. With the help of the following things that my husband and I do daily, we manage to stay happy and feel like we’ve just married.

1. We say compliments to each other

Regular compliments are one of the most effective ways to show our appreciation to those we love. Unfortunately, lots of couples simply forget to do that after their wedding. However, I try to use any chance to praise my husband whenever he does something well, even if it is a small thing like making a cup of coffee for me or washing dishes after dinner. In his turn, my loved one always tells me how beautiful I look in my new dress and how much he enjoys the delicious dishes I cook for him.

All these compliments create a positive atmosphere in our relationship promoting us to feel appreciated and loved. As a result, our marriage is filled up with the freshness and excitement we experienced while dating. Keep in mind that daily compliments are an indispensable part of a perfect and long-lasting relationship.

2. We express our love in different ways

By expressing our love in various small ways we energize and refresh our marriage. Do you remember how often you told the words of love to your sweetheart before getting married? Certainly, you did that dozens of times a day. I think now when you’ve lived some years with your spouse, nothing prevents you from saying those magic words at every possible opportunity.

Perhaps somebody may find it ridiculous but I can’t even count how many times my husband and I say “I love you” to each other during the day. Surely, telling your love is not the only way to show your partner how much you care about him. There is a variety of little things that you can do to express your affection and make your significant other happy.

When my husband kisses me, hugs me, or does something pleasant for me, there is no need to tell any words as I can feel all his love and tenderness. Personally, I always kiss my beloved before he leaves for work and give him a massage when he gets home. These are the best signs of my love that bring him happiness and satisfaction. If we love someone, we shouldn’t restrict our feelings but tell about them as often as possible.

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3. We share household chores

Family life is extremely busy because we have to go to work and cope with a tremendous amount of household chores that are waiting for us at home. But when should we relax and enjoy ourselves with our families? It is considered that all the housework is exclusively a woman’s responsibility, however, I’m convinced that both spouses should take part in the household running equally.

It would be great if we did at least something to make our partner’s day easier. Actually, the list of the tasks to do is endless. For instance, my husband usually buys some foods, like bread or milk on his way home in the evening and I really appreciate this small help. Whenever he sees I’m completely exhausted after my working day, he may also wash the dishes and clean the kitchen in order to lighten the load for me.

By doing this he shows me his affection and appreciation. Moreover, we made it a habit to do some chores together. Cooking is my favorite one since it gives me a perfect opportunity to spend an unforgettable time with my sweetheart.

Cooking together creates more love, connection, and intimacy in my relationship. Once a week we have a romantic dinner with the candles lit on the table and the television off. This habit builds an intimate and deep connection between us.

4. We communicate with each other

In my opinion, constant communication is the basic key to a happy marriage. No matter what you speak about, you simply need to share your thoughts, ideas, and problems with your spouse. My husband and I have no secrets and forbidden subjects to talk about.

I can discuss everything with my husband, including the family budget, a menu for the dinner, or our plans for the weekend. It’s not difficult to ask your spouse how was his/her day and this simple question will express your interest and care about him/her. Even small talks help us to understand each other better and avoid conflicts that may harm our marriage.

5. We reconnect throughout the day

Taking into account the fact that we have busy schedules, it may be rather problematic to stay connected with those we love in the course of the day. But if you want to keep your marriage strong and happy, you will allocate time to reconnect with your spouse by all means. I think nothing can be better than getting a spontaneous message from my husband when I’m at work.  His tender words of love always cheer me up and inspire me to carry out even the most difficult tasks.

Every lunch break I send sweet and flirty texts to my husband like “I love you”, “I miss you” or “I can’t wait to see you.” My husband never forgets to give me a call on the way home. All these things assist us to keep in touch throughout the day and focus on our relationship. You may discover plenty of other ways to reconnect with your loved one, just bear in mind that you need to be creative.

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6. We stay romantic and give presents

Romance is a crucial part of a happy marriage, so we should remember to show romantic gestures to our spouses to enhance our happiness. My husband and I never let the stress and turmoil of daily life get in the way of having romance in our relationship. We don’t need any special occasion to give presents to each other or make surprises. I love to get gifts from my beloved without any reason.

At such moments I feel that I’m important and special to him. Giving a gift to the one you love is one of the most efficient ways to express your affection. It doesn’t mean you have to buy only expensive jewelry or perfume for your spouse. It will be even more pleasurable for him/her to get something that you’ve made yourself.

I should admit that my husband is a very romantic person and that is one of the reasons I love him so much. He regularly surprises me with flowers on my bed in the morning, delicious dinner, or a relaxing bubble bath. There is a wide range of romantic ideas. The main rule is to practice them often to make your marriage thrive.

You can be sure that all the things and family habits I’ve mentioned above are really worth doing as they helped me to create a blissful relationship with my spouse. Within the 3 years of our marriage, we’ve experienced everything: happy moments, misunderstandings, and quarrels. But we still love each other as much as we did while dating.

The major rule I’ve learned from my family life is to keep the burning fire between the two of us, support and love each other whatever happens. Only this way we can stay happy in our marriage. What do you do daily to strengthen your relationship with the one you love?