10 Easy Ways to Wake Up Happy Every Day


If you often wake up feeling stressed and miserable, worrying about the events of the previous day or the day ahead, you may want to know a few tricks to wake up happy every day. Although positivity is the key to happiness, there are some little changes that you can make to feel happier in the morning. Here are several tried and true ways to wake up happy every day.

1. Add a burst of color to your room

One of the easiest ways to wake up in a good mood each day is to add bright colors to your bedroom. Consider having a red, orange, yellow or turquoise pillow, bedding or blanket. Place a piece of art or a bowl of beautiful flowers in the area you first see in the morning. These small things may not seem like much, but they can make a huge difference to how you feel in the morning.

2. Let go of your worries

Since I’m a huge overthinker, I need to let go of my worries every evening in order to sleep better and wake up happy in the morning. One of the best ways to let go of your worries is to make a list of all your worries. When you write them down and then read them, this helps you feel less stressed. If you have some important tasks to accomplish tomorrow, I recommend you to make a list too. You will fall asleep knowing that you won’t forget anything and wake up feeling more refreshed.

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3. Pamper yourself

You probably work hard and spend your days in a constant state of flux, so it’s important to find time to relax every day no matter how busy you are. Pampering yourself in the evening is an effective way to wake up the next day looking and feeling great. When you feel and look great, you feel much happier, don’t you? A hot bubble bath, hair treatment or face mask will help you relax and fall asleep faster. You will begin the next day feeling happier and full of energy, I promise!

4. Read a good book

Switch off your laptop and TV, turn your phone on silent and read a good book. Reading at bedtime is a great way to relax and let go of the worries. Plus, it will let your creativity flow. 30 minutes of reading before sleep could help you wake up in the morning filled with wonderful ideas for the day. So what are you waiting for? Grab that interesting novel and read it every day before bedtime.

5. Get enough sleep

One of the most important things to remember when you are trying to wake up happy every day is to get enough sleep. From personal experience I can say that lack of sleep can leave you feeling stressed and it can contribute to your misery. When you get enough sleep, your body copes with stress a whole lot better and you feel much better during the day. So make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

6. Fall asleep happy and wake up happy

Think of the positive things in your life before bedtime and you will certainly wake up positive in the morning. You might have a lot of problems and you might think that there’s no reason to be happy now. However, if you learn to fall asleep happy no matter what, you will wake up happier each day and cope with your problems faster.

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7. Make plans

Break the habit of thinking about your work before bed. Instead, plan something you can look forward to. You need a small reward after hard work, remember it. Plan to go to the cinema, meet your friend for coffee, have a shopping trip, take a stroll in the park or anything that will make you smile and happy.

8. Exercise or meditate

If you wake up feeling stressed, try running. Running is a perfect source of stress relief and it’s a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the nature. If you’re dealing with a difficult situation and you can’t fall asleep or you wake up thinking about your problems, running can be a great distraction. Running releases endorphins in the body that help boost mood. However, if you have trouble falling asleep, I recommend you to meditate. Meditation before bedtime helps fall asleep faster and sleep better.

9. Remember things you are grateful for

We often forget about those wonderful things we have in our life. Several years ago I had a terrible habit of complaining about my life. I always thought about things I didn’t have and I felt absolutely unhappy since I didn’t have a rich boyfriend, expensive car, large house and expensive things. I felt asleep unhappy and woke up unhappy. When my grandma asked me to tell her all of the things I was grateful for, I was greatly surprised to find out how many wonderful things I had in my life. Luckily, I broke that complaining habit and now I always remember those things I’m grateful for. When I have a bad day, I take a few minutes to write down the list of the most wonderful things I’m thankful for and that makes me happier in a jiff. If you wake up in the morning and you feel unhappy, think of the things you are grateful for in your life and you will feel much better, I promise! Be grateful for what you have and you will definitely end up having more.

10. Eat a healthy breakfast

This may sound strange, but eating a healthy breakfast can help you feel happier in the morning. Never skip breakfast and don’t opt for a low-fat cereal or cardboard-flavored cereal bar as you rush out the door. Try to prepare something you like. Eating a breakfast you enjoy will give you energy to start a new day and prevent you from reaching for unhealthy snacks.

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Happiness plays an important role in our daily lives. Since inner happiness heals everything, you should learn to be happy with who you are. This way, true happiness will definitely follow! Well, friends, these are my favorite ways to do to wake up happier in the morning. What do you do to wake up happy in the morning?