10 Most Common Beauty Mistakes to Avoid


Your aim may be to look beautiful, but your efforts may be sabotaging your looks. Your beauty routine may be marred by one or more beauty mistakes. If you are not satisfied with the image that you see in the mirror, check out how you put yourself together. Sometimes making a single change can make the difference between blah and beautiful. Here are ten most common beauty mistakes to avoid.

1. Overblushing

Perfect circles of color are great for circus clowns, not so much for everyday makeup. To achieve just the right amount of blush, apply color only to the apples of your cheeks and blend with a large brush. You should also aim for a blush that coordinates with your skin tone and the color palate for the rest of your makeup. Bronze tones tend to look more natural with darker skin tones, while peach and pink work well with lighter skin tones.