10 Ways to Choose the Right Eyebrow Shape


Most eyebrows need a little help to look truly great. The problem many women face is choosing the right shape for their eyebrows. If you aren’t sure how to shape your eyebrows, there are a number of ways to find the perfect form for your face.

1. Know the rules

While a unibrow is obviously not a good look, just where should you draw the line? Great eyebrows start with the right proportions. Lay a pencil on your face, alongside your nose so that it runs straight up your face. This is where the eyebrow should start. If you move the pencil so that it runs from your nose to the outer corner of your eye, you can follow it up to the brow and see where the end of the brow should be. The peak of the arch should be directly above the outer edge of your iris, the colored part of the eye. By following these rules, you can instantly eliminate many of the problems faced when grooming this part of your face. How thick the hair is and how high the arch will determine the final look.

2. Look at celebrities

Stars pay big bucks to people who know what they are doing, so go ahead and copy them. Find a celebrity with a similar face and eye shape and copy their brows. This is a simple way to choose the best look for your face.

3. Go natural

If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of carefully plucking every few days, you may prefer to go natural. Just keep the look groomed, but go with your brow’s existing shape. You probably already have a natural arch, so defining it slightly should not be a problem. Remove any hairs above the bridge of your nose for a neater look.

4. Ask a stylist

Many stylists offer eyebrow grooming services, but you definitely want to make sure you are dealing with an expert. Find out just how many brows they have done and ask to see photos, if possible. You will want someone with special training in brow shaping. A stylist with training will be able to give you advice on how to choose the best look.

5. Test a look carefully

While waxing forces you to commit completely to a look, tweezing can allow for a gradual change. Try tweezing a slightly different shape. Most people have eyebrows that grow back rather quickly, so you can easily change the shape over time and evolve your look.

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6. Know when to skip the arch

Certain facial types work best with straight brows. If you have a squared jaw or a long face, a flat shape will work best. The straight line of the eyebrow will help shorten the face and help create a more balanced look. The squared jaw will also appear to be in proportion when you use barely arched or straight brows.

7. Use a template

Templates for assorted brow shapes can be purchased to help you create the ideal look. While these are meant to help with tweezing, the templates will give you an idea of just how you would look with different shaped brows. Hold them to your face to get a feel for the different styles.

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8. Use a photo manipulation program

A more technically advanced method of finding the right look is to load a photo of yourself into a photo program and play around a little. Try copying and pasting celeb brows onto your own face or simply use a morphing tool to pull your eyebrows into different shapes. While it is not 100% accurate, this method can give you a better idea as to which shape you should use. For those who are unable to get hold of a program like this, you can check with beauty salons to see if they offer photo manipulation as a service.

9. Know when to arch

From the nearly pointed arch to the gently rounded one, eyebrows are usually in some sort of curved shape. The arched brow mimics the curves of the face, but just how high the arch is depends on your actual face shape. For a heart shaped face, a barely there arch is recommended. For round faces, higher arches are better for giving some height to the face. Oval faces do well with shorter curves.

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10. Experiment

Eyebrows grow back, so why not pick a shape and go with it? If you hate it, you can change your look within a few weeks. Most brows require constant tweaking to keep them looking good. Skip the tweezing and you will have fresh options shortly.

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Finally, once you find a shape that works for you, stick with it. It is relatively easy to maintain an eyebrow style once you know exactly what you want. You simply need to remove hair as it begins to grow back to keep your brows looking fresh.