7 Awesome Healthy Foods to Bring to Work


We used to eat numerous snacks during our working day, however, we rarely think of their health benefits and nutritious value to our body. If you want to stay positive and energetic at workplace, you have to pay much attention to the foods you consume for lunch. There are lots of people who prefer to take some foods from home instead of buying them at the nearest fast food restaurant. That is a great way to eat tasty dishes, to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients and save money at the same time. In case you don’t know what to eat at work, I recommend you to consider the following list of wholesome and nutritious foods that you can take from home.

1. Sandwich

Without a doubt, a sandwich is the most popular choice for lunchtime at the office. It is a tasty and healthy snack that will help you to be full longer. Plus, you don’t need to spend much time to cook it. There is a big variety of sandwiches that you can try every day without getting bored. For those who tend to stick to a healthy diet it would be better to use sprouted grain bread for making sandwiches. You will certainly like the one with turkey, greens and organic mustard. Another option for a substantial lunch is a Mediterranean sandwich. Take some roast beef with peso, feta, onions, roast red peppers and put all these ingredients on a whole wheat bread. Your high-protein sandwich is ready.

2. Salad

Salad is an indispensable part of our daily menu. This is not only a yummy addition to your second course but it is also a perfect source of vitamins and minerals that will make you healthier and more beautiful. Try to eat salads with various veggies and leafy greens every day and you will have shiny hair and clear skin. I think it would be a splendid idea to take your favorite salad to work. This simple and light food will give enough energy for your body and brain to work efficiently throughout the day. For example, you can cook wholesome salads using such greens as baby spinach, kale and arugula.

3. Quinoa/ Rice Pilafs

In spite of the fact that these meals are non-traditional for lunch, they are really delicious and good for your health as well. Brown rice will supply your body with magnesium and fiber so that you will get extra energy to fulfill all your tasks. Being rich in protein quinoa is extremely beneficial for you. You can experiment with different fruits, vegetables and herbs while cooking rice pilaf or quinoa. That’s why you should definitely take these foods to work.

4. Soup

Perhaps it seems strange to bring soup to work, though this nourishing lunch will keep you full till the end of your working day. If it is summer, you’d better cook soups that taste good even chilled. Gazpacho is an excellent decision for this season. In winter, pureed and roasted soups are more preferable since they will make you feel warm and comfortable. As a rule vegetables are the basic ingredients of soups and by eating them you will get plenty of nutrients. I advise you to make your soup in advance and freeze it in small portions that you can easily take to work.

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5. Leftovers from Last Night

Very often we cook something delicious for dinner, so why not take a piece of roast chicken for lunch the next day? This way, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy tasty food and keep it from throwing away as it may be spoiled till you come back home. To make your meal healthier you should include green salad into your menu. I think this is the best use of leftovers from the night before.

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6. Hummus Platters

Today more and more people choose to eat hummus platters for lunch at work. Vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers are perfectly combined with hummus. Furthermore they are packed with antioxidants that have a positive impact on our body. Certainly, if you have just hummus for your lunch, it will not be enough to satisfy your hunger. Make sure you take some deli meat and a few slices of cheese which will add more proteins to your diet.

7. Other Unconventional Dishes for Lunch

There is no need to stick to traditional lunch items while looking for foods to bring to work. You are free to pick from a number of meals you are craving for. Omelette with bacon and veggies can be a nice dish for lunch at work. Banana sandwich and peanut butter is another idea for a filling snack. These are not the only foods that you can consume at the office. Don’t limit yourself and incorporate something new and interesting into your eating plan. Keep in mind that salad with green vegetables should be an essential part of your daily meals.

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Nutritious and healthy lunch is one of those things that influence your success at work. If you are hungry, you won’t be able to work hard and show good results. Thus, it is important for you to eat only wholesome foods at your workplace. Which dishes do you usually take to work? Would you like to try any of these foods for lunch?