7 Awesome Healthy Foods to Bring to Work


We used to eat numerous snacks during our working day, however, we rarely think of their health benefits and nutritious value to our body. If you want to stay positive and energetic at workplace, you have to pay much attention to the foods you consume for lunch. There are lots of people who prefer to take some foods from home instead of buying them at the nearest fast food restaurant. That is a great way to eat tasty dishes, to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients and save money at the same time. In case you don’t know what to eat at work, I recommend you to consider the following list of wholesome and nutritious foods that you can take from home.

1. Sandwich

Without a doubt, a sandwich is the most popular choice for lunchtime at the office. It is a tasty and healthy snack that will help you to be full longer. Plus, you don’t need to spend much time to cook it. There is a big variety of sandwiches that you can try every day without getting bored. For those who tend to stick to a healthy diet it would be better to use sprouted grain bread for making sandwiches. You will certainly like the one with turkey, greens and organic mustard. Another option for a substantial lunch is a Mediterranean sandwich. Take some roast beef with peso, feta, onions, roast red peppers and put all these ingredients on a whole wheat bread. Your high-protein sandwich is ready.