10 Sneaky Tricks to Eat Less


If you’re trying to lose those unwanted pounds, you might want to know some tricks to eat less throughout the day. Sticking to a healthy diet isn’t fun and easy. Between consuming bland foods and depriving yourself, you may simply give up after the first few weeks.

When you fool yourself into eating less, it’s much easier to achieve your weight loss goal. Below is the list of 10 sneaky tricks that will help you to eat less throughout the day.

1. Water

Drinking a full glass of water before eating is one of the best ways to trick yourself into eating less. The point is, the water fills the stomach and you feel full faster from your meal. In fact, the water is not the only drink that fills the stomach.

Juice is another option. Just make sure you avoid soda, sweet teas and coffee. They are just empty calories your body doesn’t need at all. I recommend drinking water with lemon that helps with nausea as well.