7 Delicious Ways to Enhance Drinking Water This Winter


Plain water can become a little old, that’s why you should try out a couple of these tips to enhance drinking water this season. We all know that water is essential and useful for the body. As your body consists of 60% of water, it’s important to provide it with a sufficient amount of water daily.

It’s known that water does not have any calories, but as for the other drinks, like soda and juice, they contain a high amount of sugar and calories, and some other fillers and chemicals, which are very harmful.

In winter you might not feel dehydrated since the air is chilly, though, it’s no less important to drink water during this time of the year. And now I want to give you some natural and delicious ways for drinking more water this winter, so you will be always full of energy!

1. Orange cucumber ginger water

Usually, I call this drink the triple effect. This is a marvelous combination that is not only a refreshing and light drink but also will hydrate you during all winter months. It’s rich in many antioxidants and vitamin C and is the ideal substitute for your glass of orange juice every morning.

It does not have any sugar or calories and will give your body sufficient benefits without any harm. Take a jug of water, fill it up, add in some cucumber slices, orange sliced rings, and a bit of freshly peeled ginger root. Sip on this new beverage all day long!

2. Cinnamon apple water

I think you’ve already seen some mixtures in stores created specifically for metabolism-boosting and detoxing benefits. All these statements are not completely true, but water can really do both of these things and, that’s why should be enjoyed by everyone. Despite these statements, if you still haven’t drunk this cinnamon apple beverage, it’s a necessity for you this winter.

You should also know that cinnamon is a natural blood sugar controller, that helps prevent diabetes and keep energy levels consistent. You just need to fill up a jug with filtered water, toss in some diced organic apple, a couple of cinnamon sticks, and put it into the fridge for a few hours.

In a wink, your water will be well infused with sweetness from the apple and tints of spicy cinnamon. In addition, you easily can refill your jug a few times before changing the cinnamon and apples! This is one of my favorite alternatives to increase drinking water, especially in winter.

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3. Strawberry basil water

This yummy and sweet drink is an ideal refresher for sunny fall and winter. Sweet strawberries together with the light aroma of the basil can be easily loved by both the kids and you!

Basil performs an anti-bacterial role in your body, but both the strawberries and the basil can prevent cellular oxidation in the body. What you need is to fill up a jug of water, toss in a cup of fresh-cut strawberries, a cup of fresh basil leaves and drink this sweet beverage daily.

4. Lavender lemon water

I love lavender. Its flavor relaxes me even on the most troubled days. Together with lemon, this combination is the ideal drink before sleep, calming your thoughts and body after a difficult, long day.

Put sliced lemon and approximately 1/2 cup of dried lavender into a big jug of water. Let it infuse in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and enjoy it when your evening starts.

5. Rosemary cucumber water

I don’t know why, but every time I think about rosemary I think about winter. First of all, it has a Christmas smell, and secondly, you can add this delightful herb to almost anything, including infused water. Rosemary is rich in substances that help avoid inflammation, improve blood circulation, and stimulate your immune system.

Extremely important are also the benefits provided by the cucumber. It has a spa-like effect that can relax you after a hard day. Are you still waiting? Take and fill up a jug of water, add sliced cucumber, and some rosemary springs for a tasty drink to enjoy today.

6. Cranberry pear clementine water

You can easily serve this wonderful beverage at any holiday party this winter or coming winter. Just fill a pitcher full of filtered water, toss in a thinly sliced pear, some dried cranberries, and clementine sections, and set in the fridge for a couple of hours, and shortly you will have a great, holiday drink. The taste from the cranberries together with the tartness of the clementine and pear will provide your guests with a delicious beverage to enjoy all evening long!

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7. Lemon ginger water

You shouldn’t wait just try ginger if you still have not done that. Ginger provides digestion relief and prevents inflammation. Remember your mother giving you Ginger Ale if you had an upset stomach? And I can assure you that not due to the high fructose corn syrup you felt better, but thanks to soothing ginger effects! To one ginger, you should add one lemon.

Lemon is a perfect natural detoxifier that helps your liver get rid of toxins that you might have inside the body. Simply fill up a jug of filtered water, toss in a sliced lemon, and approximately an inch of fresh, peeled ginger.

Put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and soon you’ll have a wonderful, refreshing beverage. This is an ideal drink for waking up since both the lemon and ginger will give your body sufficient benefits before your new long day.

With all these tasty options mentioned above, ordinary water seems a thing of the past. It is so simple, yummy, and refreshing, get used to infused water and forget all about the soda and juice. It won’t be just good for your pocket, but for your health too!

Have you ever made infused water at home? You are always welcome to share with us your favorite combinations!