7 Tips for Wearing Ballet Flats in Winter


If you have lots of things to accomplish, learning how to wear ballet flats in winter is essential. Most girls know that the cold air doesn’t make a huge workload go into hibernation.

With ballet flats, you can be cozy while doing errands or plenty of homework. Here is a list of 7 tips for wearing ballet flats in winter.

1. Opt for leather ballet flats

I’m sure you don’t want to sit around with wet feet, right? Canvas and suede can become filthy and wet fast especially if you wear ballet flats when the streets are wet with snow or rain. That’s why it’s better to opt for leather ballet flats, which can be wiped clean, and what is more important – they won’t leave your feet cold and soggy.

2. Keep ballet flats in the office

When the first snow hits the ground, it’s very useful to keep a pair of your favorite ballet flats in the office. They will not only get ruined, but they also will be a welcome sight after going to work in snow boots. In addition, your ballet flats would go with almost all of your office clothes!

3. Don’t be afraid to show off your socks

If you wonder how to wear ballet flats in winter without freezing your toes off, you should buy a few chic or funky socks. It would be better to wear thick socks.

I wear my socks and ballet flats combo with a neutral-hued dress and black opaque tights. And don’t forget to stay warm in a winter coat and long scarf!

4. Pair your flats with patterned tights

Another great way to wear ballet flats during the winter season is to start with standout patterned tights. Make sure that your patterned tights are warm and cozy.

Wool tights are the best choice. Don’t be afraid to choose floral prints, polka dots, or argyle.

5. Opt for colored ballet flats

Basic black ballet flats get boring fast. But fortunately, there are plenty of colored ballet flats.

Such flats can take any outfit from winter drab to an absolutely fabulous look! That’s why it’s always great to have at least one pair of neutral ballet flats.

6. Opt for sheepskin ballet flats

Most of us are afraid to wear ballet flats in winter, because of frosty weather. But do you know that there are many sheepskin-lined ballet flats?

They are as warm as your usual winter boots and they will feel so cozy that you will never want to give such great flats up! Sheepskin ballet flats would perfectly work with a denim skirt and a casual pair of tights or skinny jeans and a tunic.

7. Give the second shot

I’m sure that many of you have bought ballet flats that are super adorable in the store or online, but they are not comfortable when worn for more than 5 minutes. So I think it’s time to give those flats a second chance!

When worn with socks or tights, you’ll feel that they’re not so unbearable. Why not try? These are all of my tips for wearing ballet flats during the cold winter months.

Which of them will you try? Do you have something to add? Share your thoughts, please!