7 Great Ideas for Having Fun in the Winter Air


If you think that in the cold weather you should stay indoors, you are wrong. In fact, winter can be a fun time for your family and friends just like the summer.

There are so many things you can do during the winter season. Well, I’d like to suggest to you a few ways on how to have fun in the winter air.

1. Catch snowflakes on your tongue

This is one of the best ideas for having fun in the winter air. Of course, this activity you can do when the snow is falling, so try not to miss this opportunity!

Just stand out and throw your head back. Take a break after catching a few snowflakes, because you can get a sore throat. Furthermore, your neighbors will wonder what you are doing when they see you and your family or friends sticking your tongue out.

2. Make snow angels

Before attempting this amazing winter artwork you should wear a warm coat, hat, and gloves. Then you need to find some clear clean place in the snow and then fall backward.

The soft snow will break your fall. When you are down start flapping your arms and legs.

3. Have a snowball fight

It’s one of the funniest winter activities you should definitely do. Having a snowball fight is not about just hiding behind a tree.

Divide your family or friends into two or three teams and build two or three snow forts. When the forts are finished, start the snowball fight! You can also hang out some flags!

4. Build a snowman

Building a snowman is one of the best things to do in the snow! It’s also a great family winter activity!

To roll a really big base of snowman and lift the other body parts on top of each other, will take everyone’s help. A stout snowman will slowly melt in the sun, so you will enjoy your beautiful snowman longer!

5. Go sledding

If you have a big hill in your backyard or somewhere else around, why not take the sled and go sledding? It is one of the things, which adults can still do and feel like a kid.

I’m sure everyone loves to go speeding off towards the bottom of the hill. If you don’t have any sleds it’s time to invest in one!

6. Try something new

If you get bored, why not try something new? The winter season brings plenty of great activities to enjoy.

You can take up ice skating, skiing, or snowboarding. You shouldn’t become an expert just have fun with your family or friends.

7. Clean a walkway

Everyone can take a shovel and a bucket and work together to get a walkway cleared. It’s a great way to get some physical activity together!

Besides, you shouldn’t pay anybody to clean a walkway when the family can do it. After cleaning, warm up and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa together.

Well, people don’t sit in your houses waiting for warm weather, get out, have fun and enjoy time spent with family. How do you like to spend your spare time in winter? Share your thoughts, please!