8 Things You Can Only Do In The Winter


There are many things, which you can only do during the winter season. All year we look forward to the first snow and I’m sure that everyone loves that winter feeling in the air. It’s a great time to look for fun things to do this winter season. Here are 8 things you can only do in the winter.

1. Stroll

One of the best things about winter is the snow, especially the first one. I love the first snow and I always take advantage of it. If you like the first snows of winter, you should definitely take a stroll. It’s healthy, amazing and a bit magical!

Bundle up, play some holiday music on your walkman, and just walk around and enjoy the beauty of nature.

2. Snowball fight

If you think that snowball fight is only for little kids, you’re wrong! Personally I still love snowball fights and it’s one of my favorite things to do during the winter season. Gather your friends and split into two or three teams.

Make your fight more interesting and funny by having the losing team pay for dinner or cinema. It will be so amazing and funny that you won’t even realize how frosty it is outside.

3. Making a snowman

When I was a kid, I’d always built a snowman. Now I’m an adult and I still like to do this thing in the winter. You can make a snowman with the traditional carrot nose and scarf, or you can get creative and built unusual snowman.

It’s one of several things you can only do in the winter.

4. Cuddles by the fireplace

I’ve always been envious of those happy couples in movies that cuddle by a fireplace with hot chocolate and in warm blankets. Even if you don’t have your beloved, but you have a fireplace, take a warm blanket, hot chocolate and your favorite book and spend a nice time by the fireplace.

And if you don’t have a fireplace, don’t get upset, just buy a virtual fireplace as a replacement.

5. Winter movie marathon

Of course you may watch winter movies even in summer, but it doesn’t make any sense at all! Gather your friends and watch that old school claymation holiday movies. Don’t forget to take hot chocolate, snuggle up, and start your winter movie marathon on.

6. Kiss under the mistletoe

It’s definitely one of the best things you can only do in the winter! Kissing under the mistletoe is so romantic! Sometimes it’s unexpected and often takes you by surprise.

If you don’t have a partner you should go to a holiday party, find a cute guy and lead him over to the mistletoe for some flirting. You never know what might happen in the future.

7. New Year’s resolutions

It happens every year. Make a New Year’s resolutions, keep it up for two weeks, and then suddenly give up. Trust me, this year will be different, because now you know that it’s another thing, which you can only do once a year. Just make sure you set goals to reach your resolution and sometimes reward yourself for your hard work.

8. Favorite winter drink

As I was a kid hot chocolate was my favorite winter drink. But now I’m an adult and I want to put a twist on this drink. I add some Bailey’s Irish Cream to my favorite hot chocolate, and Cinnamon Schnapps to apple cider. I like these drinks very much! And what is your favorite winter drink? Remember, also that you have to drink more water in winter. Here are reasons why.

These are only some things you can do only in the winter. I’m definitely going to take all the advantages of this amazing, frosty season! Do you like winter? What are your favorite things to do in the winter? Share your thoughts, please!