7 Awesome Things You Can Do When It’s Snowing


Winter is coming and it’s time to start looking for interesting things you can do when it’s snowing. You should not sit at home in winter, because it happens only once a year so why not enjoy this beautiful season?

Many people think that if they don’t have kids, they should sit at home and watch TV. It’s a wrong thought. Here are a few awesome things you can do when it’s snowing.

1. Building a snowman

Do you want to surprise your neighbors and passersby? Just make a funny looking snowman in your yard. If you can’t make any unique snowman, don’t get sad, make a regular snowman and just color him.

Take water and food coloring, mix it in spray bottles and spray the snowman with different colors. I’m sure, your snowman will be unique and beautiful!

2. Building a fort

It can be an outdoor or an indoor fort, but an outdoor snow fort is more interesting! However while making an outdoor fort, make sure that the roof isn’t too thick since it can do some harm if it collapses. It’s better not to build a roof at all.

If you decide to make an inside fort in your house with a help of pillows and blankets, you will have even more fun! It is great to lay inside of it with your beloved, kids or best friend, drink hot chocolate, and watch your favorite movies, isn’t it?

3. Photographing

What can be more beautiful than winter landscape? Winter is a perfect time for taking photos. The most magical time to shoot is when the sun is lower on the horizon around dusk or dawn.

During these times the light of the sun combines with the light blue tones of snow, and it gives an awesome photo effect! When it’s snowing, use a slow shutter speed to capture the movement of the snowflakes. You’ll have very nice pictures.

4. Making ice gems

Do you want to decorate your yard for Christmas? Then try to make these decorative ice gems! You’ll need: balloons, water, and food coloring. Into each dry balloon drop 3-4 drops of food coloring.

Fill the balloons with cold water, then tie the balloons and place outside in the snow. Leave them outside for a day or two, and when it’s frozen, cut off the plastic balloon around it. Now you have it! It’s one of the most beautiful and rather cheap winter decorations.

5. Making hot chocolates

It’s so easy to make your own hot chocolate, so why not do this in a snowy weather? There are lots of unique hot chocolate recipes in the Internet from Nutella hot chocolate to peppermint hot chocolate. I like Nutella hot chocolate.

You will need 1 cup of milk and 2 tbsps of Nutella. Whisk Nutella and milk in a saucepan over medium heat until combined and frothy. Serve with marshmallows or whipped cream.

6. Cooking

One of the best things to snack on while it’s cold outside is something delicious and sweet. Consider baking a unique cupcake or delicious cookies for your family and friends.

You can also cook a dessert type of alcoholic beverage. Trust me, everyone in your house will appreciate and love you for cooking.

7. Writing a blog

The very first blog I started writing in a snowy weather and I was so busy and excited that I didn’t even notice that it was so cold outside. It’s not a boring activity, trust me.

Set up a new blog account with Tumblr, Blogger, or any other free blog site and write about something you’re passionate about. You can even write about your everyday life. Pick out the perfect blog title, theme, and write a few articles to start you off.

There are many other things to do when it’s snowing like ice skating, skiing, and sledding. I like winter and snowy weather and I have many plans for this season of the year!

What are your favorite things to do when it’s cold and snowing outside? Share your ideas with us, please.