6 Reasons to Get Married in Winter


Nowadays, more brides are choosing to get married in the winter months rather than in summer. In fact, there are many reasons to plan a wedding during the colder winter months. So I’ve got a list of 6 reasons why you should get married in winter.

1. Winter is pretty

The stereotypical sunny wedding days are gone and snow is in fashion! No offense to summer, but there is a great reason – the first snowfall. Winter is so pretty!

That means that your wedding photos will be beautiful, too. Some snow plus some twinkle lights and instant wedding decorations are ready! Forget about the traditional summer photos and start thinking about miraculous winter photos.

2. Cheerful and cheap

Winter is a cheerful season. Brides can take advantage of off-season pricing for florists, venues, photographers, and hotel rooms.

In winter, vendors are not in high demand, and it could be easier to negotiate prices. Plus, you won’t have to fight your best friend for your first choice venue.

3. Wonderful memories

I’m sure you will agree that attending a wedding is really fun, but by the second or third wedding in one summer, you will not only know what to wear, but the events start blurring together. However, a winter wedding is unique and different, so yours will definitely stand out from the rest. Plus, your guests will access an absolutely different wedding wardrobe.

4. Lots of guests

In summers people are usually busy with family obligations, or their cottages, or other weddings. If you plan to have a winter wedding, people will be more likely to come to your wedding, and they will be more anxious to get out of their homes and get their party outfits on.

5. Bargains

During the winter months, many wedding suppliers have lower prices, so you can freely take advantage of dress sales at the end of the wedding season. Don’t forget about fun cover-ups to keep you cozy to and from the ceremony or reception. Besides, you and your groom will not be sweating, and a cold winter day will leave your face looking flawless and fresh for longer.

6. Honeymooning

Most newlyweds often choose a beach destination for their honeymoon, so why not enjoy the sand and surf in the winter? I think it’s one of the great reasons why you should get married in winter.

So take advantage of the low off-season prices and best options, which come with a winter wedding! What other reasons to get married in winter do you know? Share your thoughts, please!