French Manicure


The French Manicure is the manicure where the tips of nails are pure white. This is a look that is very popular because it makes your nail look healthy and clean. It’s suitable for all occasions since it is ultra natural.

The French Manicure works well for nail lengths which are medium to long: 1/4” to 3/4.” The white nail polish is typically aligned with the edge of the finger, but there are alternatives which also look very attractive. You can have long nails with little white or shorter nails with a lot of white. That is up to your choice.

Besides the color quantity and color combinations, there is the choice between the shapes of the nail tips: round, oval, or square. To draw the white tips you can user a small paintbrush if you want the colour to spread evenly.

Method of French manicure

  1. The tools that you will require for French manicure is as follows: base/top coat, tip guide strips, neutral polish and white polish. Neutral polishes are very pale, sheer shades with a pink, beige or peach cast. Consider French manicure kits that offer everything in one convenient box.
  2. Next step is to file and shape your nails. Tend to your cuticles, then wash and dry your nails completely. Apply the base/top coat and let it dry.
    Base coat is applied to protect your nails and to help prevent chipping.
  3. Peel off a guide strip and affix it below the tip of a nail, following its natural curve. The guide will allow you to paint an even white tip with ease and precision. However if you don’t have the guide strips then follow this method. For a square look, paint a straight line across the tips; for a rounded appearance, follow the curve of the nail; and to get a pointed style, paint in from each side to the centre.
  4. Paint each nail tip white, extending the brush stroke from the top of the guide to the end of the nail. Take care not to get any white polish on the body of the nail below the guide. Let the tips dry.
  5. Once the tips are dry remove all the guides. Dissolve leftover adhesive by rubbing it gently with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  6. Apply two coats of the neutral polish, letting the first coat dry before the second application. Finish with a thin layer of base/top coat.

French manicure Tips

    1. The key to this look is to wait for each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat otherwise you are sure to end up with smudges.
    2. If the classic French manicure is a little too conservative for your style, make your own color combination. Instead of neutral and white polishes, red with gold tips or white with silver tips or any combination you like.
    3. Give yourself time to practice. It may take awhile to get the hang of applying the tip guides. However practice will make you perfect.