4 Tips for Keeping Your Complexion Gorgeous This Spring


As the weather changes, so do we. Subtle differences in our hormones, sleep patterns, and general health all have a knock-on effect on our outer appearance. Our skin may react by either drying up or breaking out. Here are my top tips to keep your complexion fresh and calm as the season changes.

1. Make a small change to your moisturizing routine

So let me start by saying that big changes are never a good idea. Slowly and gradually is the approach to embrace – throw something too new at your skin and you will get a visible reaction. So if you usually go for a heavier moisturizer in the drying in winter months, then as the cold weather starts to lift, you can gradually lighten your moisturizer too.

This does not mean buying lots of different lotions and potions. I personally have one for summer and one for winter. In between these extremes, I mix the two together on my palm before applying them. Simpler and much cheaper too.

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2. Keep your diet steady

When the New Year’s diet is over, and the indulgence of Easter is on the horizon, we can lose our dietary equilibrium. Be aware of the obvious food traps and remember to keep a healthy balance.

Chocolate binges followed by juice cleanses will upset your hormones and cause spots and blackheads. Keep everything in moderation and just be sensible. Sounds boring? Well yeah, but your face will thank you.

3. Dodge the iced coffees

Without naming any brands, we all know there are plenty of high street coffee shops tempting us with cream-topped iced coffees as soon as the sun makes a reappearance.

I know, they are delicious and I love them too. But do not get carried away. Neither caffeine nor dairy makes for a clear complexion. Flush out any extra toxins you consume with water and herbal teas.

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4. Get your beauty sleep

Hooray, the days are finally longer. The temptation to spend extra hours in bed is fading away as the spring brings us new energy to get up and go outside. And lovely it is too. Just do not engage your summer festival mode too soon – being up half the night messes with our hormonal balance.

Sleep deprivation spikes our ghrelin level; the hormone responsible for hunger. This makes us more likely to choose carbs and high fat, which of course leads to breakouts. Do not fall into the trap.

So sleep, hydrate, and feed your body the good stuff. What could be simpler? Enjoy spring – the start to the new season and new adventures.