5 Quick Facial Workouts to Enhance Your Beauty


Just like your body needs regular exercises, your face needs some once in a while. While it is crucial to be gentle with your facial muscles – no one wants saggy skin and early wrinkles – performing these five facial exercises will only benefit your face beauty.

When performed correctly, facial workouts can help you prevent fine lines, diminish wrinkles and improve the color and texture of your skin. Still hesitating? Give them a try today.

1. Smile with your mouth closed

Keep your face look beautifully healthy by simply smiling with your mouth closed. Take this facial exercise to the harder level by sucking your cheeks in while you hold your smile. It may be difficult at first, but do not give up.

2. Round your lips

Did you know that your lips could help you prevent or get rid of double chin? Tilt your head back, round your lips, and try to hold this position for at least 15 seconds. Repeat 5 times each day.

3. Raise your eyebrows

Prevent or diminish the fine lines on your forehead by raising your eyebrows a few times during the day. No one in the office will even notice that you are toning your facial muscles.

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4. Raise your cheeks

If you aim to improve your skin tone and work your cheek muscles at the same time, this facial exercise is a must for you. Press down slightly on the cheeks while lifting them ten times.

5. Purse your lips

Kissing has plenty of benefits but when you can’t kiss your significant other, or you have no one to kiss at all, you can purse your lips and tone your facial muscles as well as make your lips look fuller.

The saggy and wrinkled face has never looked beautiful, so if you dislike something about your face. Consider doing these quick and easy facial exercises daily or at least a few times a week. An added bonus: you can do them literally everywhere, including the office. Have fun!