7 Tips for Transitioning Your Hair from Summer to Fall


If you are still struggling to transition your hairstyle from summer to fall, I have got some little solutions for you. Start with your hair color. While there is no need in making drastic hair changes, some hair tweak will do the trick.

Here are seven tips for transitioning your hair color from summer to fall. Don’t worry, you won’t have to head to the salon and spend a fortune.

1. Tone down your blond highlights

The overbleached blond highlights are no longer popular this fall. Plus, after all those beach days, they are more likely to look unhealthy and chunky.

Bring your ‘dead’ highlights back to life by toning the down with a golden gloss. Lightly brown or warm highlights are all the rage now.

2. Create a dimension

Warm highlights are not just for blondes. If you hair color is brown or lightly brown, adding some warmer highlights that are hidden in your hair’s interior. This way, you will create a beautiful tonal change with little to no effort at all.

3. Add depth and tone to your brown hair

Fall fashion looks are all about brown hair, sorry blondes. If your hair is dark brown, you can easily transition your hair color from summer to fall by just creating lowlights.

They will add depth and tone to your brown hair and make it look shinier.

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4. Clarify your hair

When you do not want to color your hair, simply clarify it. You will get rid of buildup and give your locks an absoutely fresh start.

There are tons of clarifying shampoos out there so you do not have to visit a salon. This is one of the esiest tips for transitioning your hair color from summer to fall.

5. Consider ombre highlights

Fall fashion looks include ombre highlights too. They look trendy and are rather easy to create. If you have never dyed your hair ombre, it is better to let a specialist do the job for you.

6. Create more depth at the root

If your hair color is red, you can add more dimension to it by creating more depth at the root while keeping the ends lighter. This hair trend is sweeping Pinterest and Instagram right now.

7. Opt for hot oil treatment


If you are looking to bring your black hair back to life, opt for hot oil treatment. It will add extra shine to your hair and you won’t need to make drastic hair changes.

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When it comes to hair routine, our goal is always the same: look beautiful without spending too much efforts and money. With these tips for transitioning your hair color from summer to fall, you can easily achieve this goal.