7 Secret Makeup Tips for Brunettes


Are you a brunette and looking for makeup tips for brunettes that really work? Makeup tips for brunettes are completely different than the makeup tips blondes should follow and that is really true.

It’s necessary for a brunette to have her own secret makeup tips designed just for her. I believe these makeup tips will make you dazzling and be ready to astonish your friends and family.

1. Black eyeliner

You probably know that choosing the right eyeliner is a very important thing but the shade you should wear means a lot too. If you are a brunette, try using black. If you want to look awesome – black eyeliner is exactly what you need.

But the only trick is that it will be better to switch to brown eyeliner when you are in your upper forties. In that case, black can seem a bit harsh, where brown gives a tender look.

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2. Brows

It’s a fact that brunettes almost always have completely magnificent brows. My sister and my daughter are both brunettes and they both have great brows. I am a little bit jealous.

If you are a brunette, your brows have a very impressive effect. What really makes sense is to give them the ideal arch. You can always ask your stylist for help, if you feel uncertain about doing this.

3. Eyeliner and mascara

When redheads and blonds should wear mascara all the time, you don’t. It’s understandable you would like to use mascara but you already have beautiful lashes, and eyeliner is where the magic occurs for you.

Undoubtedly, it will attract attention up to your brows, which are your face’s frame. Furthermore, it will amplify your eyes, which your dark hair can pull away from if you don’t take care of your eyes in a right way.

The effect will be impressive when you use liquid eyeliner, and you will really possess some magic power. Surely, this is one of the best makeup pieces of advice for a brunette.

4. Lipstick

It’s better when brunettes use berry or red shades for a lipstick, which give them an amazing look. Blonde’s best choices are true pinks. Redheads look stunning choosing shades of browns or corals.

You definitely can wear pink, but red and berry are shades that undoubtedly make a brunette dazzling. You should try them on and see how nice they look on you.

5. Blush

It can be hard for a brunette to choose a blush. Again, coral shades are better for redheads while pink shades for blondes. Brunettes can use both. Definitely you should try them on to see what looks best on your skin tone.

In case you tend to have warm tones, it’s better to use coral. But if you tend to have cool tones then a pinker blush is truly yours.

6. Flattering eye makeup

Always choose eye makeup that is flattering. Use shimmer if you want to attract attention to your eyes. But if you want to make an accent on your lips, make more of a matte choice in the shades you choose in your eye makeup. Brunettes always look stunning with colored makeup.

You can also try some shades of green or purple. But if you prefer something a little tamer, try out burgundy brown shades or caramels mixed with a touch of pink.

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7. Highlight your brows

You can use highlighter on your brow bone, right in the arch. If you have any flaw in your eyes it won’t be noticeable, for example, if they are hooded or too deep set, all the same they will look gorgeous.

This highlight will make the emphasis on the beauty of that area of the face and hide any flaws. Try this and see the result.

Follow these seven secret makeup tips and your makeup will look dazzling. What do you consider important in your everyday makeup as a brunette? Which of these tips would you like to try most?