7 Classic Eyeliner Styles


Eyeliner is said to be for the eyes as pushup bras are for curves. Eyeliner can quickly create alluring eyes or instantly brighten up your face. We’ll show you seven classic yet utterly gorgeous ways to use this all-time favorite makeup product.

1. Classic Fashion

The classic eyeliner style serves to highlight the eyes without too much drama involved and is perfect for daytime use. Create this look by lining only the upper eyelids, starting from the inner corner of your eyes and staying as close to your lash line as possible.

2. Neutral and Fresh

When going for an all-natural look that can be used for both day and night, neutral eyeliners in dark browns can play an important role. This look is best done with a brown creamy pencil liner that smudges easily. Line your upper lids in a classic fashion and smudge with an eye makeup sponge applicator or a cotton swab.

3. Wing It

One of the staples of glamorous makeup is the winged liner style, also known as the cat eye. The most important piece you need here is liquid liner. Starting from the inner corners of your upper eyelids, trace your lash line with a narrow line up until the outer corners.

Then, extend the line out diagonally upwards as far as you wish to create a winged effect. If you’re after a perfectly straight wing, a magic trick employed by professionals is to use a business card like you would a ruler to draw out the diagonal wing upwards. More: 7 Tips for Choosing Eyeliner.

4. Funk it Up

For individuals who are a bit more edgy and daring, eyeliners that came in eye-catching colors are the perfect choices. Pair neutral-colored pencil liners with a colorful liner to make the colors stand out more.

First, line your lids with the colorful liner. Then, apply a thinner line of neutral liner in black or brown. The colored liner will attract more attention to your eyes while the neutral shade will provide definition.

5. Smoky Eyes

For eyes to look sexy and smoldering, dark shades of eye shadow are a must. Apply brown or black shades of eye shadow on both your upper and lower lids.

Then line both upper and lower eyelids with a thick line of eyeliner to intensify that smoky effect. Swipe two to three coats of mascara and you’re done.

6. The Simple and Nude Style

Celebrities have been spotted with this look on the red carpet. You create the simple and nude eyeliner style by using very minimal eye shadow, usually a cream colored shadow, and pair it with a medium to thick line of dark liquid liner. The liquid liner will bring focus to your eyes but the overall bare eye makeup will allow you to sport bright red lipstick or rosy blush without looking overly made up.

7. Big Eyes

One of the most common reasons women use eye liners is to create the appearance of larger eyes. Take eyeliner in a neutral shade and create the simple classic eyeliner style. The trick to create the illusion of bigger eyes is to get the portion of line at the center to be thicker than that of the outer and inner corners of each eye lid.

This little makeup product can do wonders for the eyes and has become a demigod in a woman’s makeup kit. Cleopatra sported it and, centuries later, supermodels swear by it.

Who would have thought one little pencil can create so many gorgeous looks?