7 Popular Nail Color Combinations That Look Marvelous


If you care about your style and want to look elegant, you should pay attention to each detail of your appearance, including clothes, make-up, hairstyle, and certainly nails. Women with manicured and polished nails look more beautiful and stylish. So, I recommend you follow the latest trends and use the most popular color combinations for your nails to add some glamour to your look.

You can see that lots of women tend to paint their nails in different colors. For example, one of your nails can be black while the others are white. This color scheme has become the preferred choice these days.

There are also some other ways to combine great colors on your nails such as polka dots and stripes. If you are eager to try this trend, consider the following color combinations that look perfectly.

1. Black and Pink

These two colors look really feminine when used together. It will be nice if you paint your nails pink, making one of them black.

This combination is suitable for various clothes with neutral and bright colors either. It will give you a wonderful opportunity to change your style every day and enjoy a gorgeous manicure at the same time.