41 Nail Art Ideas Lazy Girls Will Love


Looking for some nail art inspiration? Hey, Miss hating all those banal nail designs, I’ve got some really unique nail art ideas that aren’t only cute but easy as well.

You know, busy schedules, all-night parties, cooking, and cleaning don’t leave me enough time to get my nails done every other day. So, after experimenting for a while, I found out many nail art ideas that don’t take a lot of time and last more than a day.

If you are in the same boat with me, you know what I’m talking about. Ladies, get ready for some unbelievable manicure magic as I bring you the most awesome nail art ideas from beauty experts and celebrities to inspire you to experiment with your nails more often.

1. A Stripe with a Rhinestone

Photo credit: pinterest.com
Not every woman likes an excess of glitter in the image. Besides, the office dress code does not allow excessive decoration of the nail plate. But an elegant strip of small “diamonds,” subject to the moderation of the main color palette, will not hurt even a very businesslike woman. In addition, this nail art idea is one of lazy girls’ favorite ones.

2.Black and Nude Nails

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Take a delicate nude shade as the basis for such a manicure, and one or two nails can be painted in black. To spice up this lazy nail art idea, paint small black dots on your nails painted with a nude polish.

3. The Adorable Heart Design

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Before making such a lazy manicure, you must cut out the heart templates. Then, paint all nails with a light shade; after cooling the varnish, attach the template to the nail and draw a heart in any other color. The most delicate will be a combination of white and pink flowers. Finally, all this needs to be covered with a hardener. And voila, this simple manicure for lazy girls is ready.

4. Fluffy Nail Art Idea

Photo credit: pinterest.com

For this unique nail art idea, you need flocking powder. First, you should paint your nails before you start to match the shade of your flocking powder. Then, just dump the powder onto the nail.

5. Jeweled Nail Art Idea

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Such one of the laziest nail art ideas is trendy lately. You can paint over your nails with any color, but French is better. Then randomly glue on the rhinestones. This manicure is perfect for Christmas.

6. Star Manicure

Photo credit: pinterest.com

This nail idea for lazy girls will be appropriate for the holidays. Cover all nails with a solid color, and then carefully draw the star with glitter on several nails. Do not forget to cover your manicure with a hardener.

7. Neon Dots on Black Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

So that a black manicure does not look very gloomy, it can be diluted with bright colors, for example, neon polka dots. In addition, lazy girls will love this easy nail art idea because it can be done at home in just a few minutes.

8. Glitter Cuticle Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Glitter-adorned cuticles are another beauty trend. Glitter cuticle nail art idea is chosen by girls who prefer sophistication and restraint and those who do not like intricate designs. It looks great on nails of any length. It is easy to make and looks impressive!

9. Animal Nail Ideas

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Manicures with animals as a design can be safely chosen for every day, although some ladies may find it too creative and opt for something else.

Nail art ideas with animals can be safely chosen daily, although some ladies may find it too creative and opt for something else. At home and with the help of ordinary varnishes, you can make a cute design with ladybugs or a penguin. Follow the step-by-step instructions as shown in the pictures.

10. Ring Finger Nail Idea

Photo credit: pinterest.com

The emphasis on the ring finger is not a new idea, but it is one of the best easy nail art ideas for lazy girls still relevant. A gentle combination of nude colors looks win-win on nails of any length and shape. But you can certainly use other colors that will sparkle in a new way. If you are doing a similar manicure for a special occasion, you can embellish your nails with glitter.

11. Leaf Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

If you are good at drawing, it will not be challenging to apply delicate shoots with leaves, lush branches of sakura, or another spring tree on your nails. To guarantee to attract the attention of others, it is enough to decorate only one nail in this way. And for lazy girls who do not have artistic talent, unique stickers with ready-made patterns will help create such a nail art idea.

12. Cloud Nail Art Idea

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Clouds on nails are one of the most popular nail art this season. It looks gentle and charming, allowing you to wear it any time of the year, be it summer or winter. The colors for this design are also chosen calmly so that the manicure can be safely considered universal for any occasion. You can also add rhinestones or sequins.

13.. Glitter Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Glitter manicure has become popular due to its beautiful appearance and, at the same time, ease of implementation. Glitter nails are an excellent option for an evening manicure. Moreover, you can get a glitter manicure at home in five minutes. Therefore, this is one of the favorite nail art ideas for lazy girls.

14. Cosmic nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Are you a cosmic girl who loves to go star-trekking once a week? Create the effect of the night sky and galaxies on your own nails. Start with a dark blue base, use a sponge to dab on some glitter to create a cosmic effect, and then use a toothpick to dab on the white polish to create little stars.

You can create whatever you want, besides. There are many cosmic nail ideas, which is why you shouldn’t dwell on this one design only.

15. Beach design

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Now that you have one month left of summer, you can still enjoy some beach time. Even if you can’t, you can at least enjoy your beautiful nails. Beach nail designs aren’t easy to create at home, but you can learn how to do it without spending a dime with a little practice. If you have some little shells, try to create this cute nail design yourself.

16. Two-tone manicure

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Bored of your French manicure? Try to create a two-tone manicure that will make at least five days of your life brighter. It can be done with any colors you love.

Opt for pink and yellow, blue and yellow, red and black, black and purple, or green and orange combo. The brighter colors are, the better.

17. Polka dots

Photo credit: pinterest.com

I know what you wanna tell me, but polka dot nail design can be fun too. Paint your nails black and pink, or whatever color combo you like, and dot on some cute spots with the aid of a simple toothpick – use a different toothpick for every color. Do lazy girls really love this easy yet beautiful nail art idea, and you?

18. 3D effect

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Give your perfectly polished nails a 3D effect by gluing on your favorite embellishments, such as flowers, gemstones, or even pearls. Although this nail art idea isn’t perfect for an everyday look, you can create it for some special events like weddings, birthdays, dates, etc.

I love to use flower embellishments on my nails. Give it a try, girls. I’m sure you’ll like it as well.

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19. Caviar Black Manicure

Photo credit: pinterest.com

If black is your color, then caviar black manicure is something you will definitely want to try. Black caviar nail polish is available in almost every beauty store, which means you can create your own nail art at home.

While your boss won’t probably like your black creation, your friends will appreciate it. Even if they won’t, who cares? Do it for yourself!

20. Water Marble Miracle

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Yep, lazy girls, it’s miracle. Marbling is a quick, easy and beautiful way to update your nails – be they short or long. Water marble manicure looks like it is for-the-pros only, but don’t dread it, and you can do it at home too.

All you need is your creativity, nail lacquers for free-dropping, clean water, and a stick for drawing patterns. Do a quick Google search to find step-by-step instructions.

21. Bold Tips

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Bold girls love bold nails. But painting your nails in a bold color is too simple and boring. Having your tips painted in a bold color, though, is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd.

Apply a base coat of clear polish, and then paint your tips some bright color like neon red, pink, blue, or green. Once you know how to do it, you can have a new manicure every other day.

22. Black French Manicure

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Add drama to your nails by creating a black French manicure. Mix black shiny and matte polishes, opt for a nude and black French tip combination, create a black and pink French manicure with some beads or flowers, or you can create your own variation. Black French manicure doesn’t mean sadness, and it means “Look at me, I’m not afraid to express myself.”

23. Metallic Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Metallic nails have always been one of the hottest nail trends. There is a wide selection of nail art foils out there. My favorite one is a gold foil.

Pick your nail art foil, apply the leafing to wet polish, let it dry, and then cover with a topcoat. Since the metallic leaf is very fragile and sticks to almost anything, use tweezers to make the process a bit easier.

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24. Pastel Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Having a hard time choosing between different pastel nail polish colors? Try them all! Pastel nails look beautiful, feminine, fun and summery, and can be done in a great variety of ways.

It’s a modest and cheap way to jazz up your look without wrecking your budget. Say goodbye to boring and dull nails!

25. Rainbow Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

A rainbow is a symbol of love, peace, and freedom. Many women believe rainbow nails are for teens and girls in their 20s only.

However, you can try out this cute nail art idea even in your 50s. When it comes to nails, your age doesn’t matter at all. Actually, when it comes to anything.

I hate beauty rules and don’t respect those who say what we must do and avoid at a certain age. A professional beauty expert can advise but doesn’t dictate to you. So if you wanna try a rainbow manicure, just do it!

26. Marine Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Dolphins, shells, waves, seaweeds, sharks, seahorses, ships, anchors, and many more are all amazing ideas for your marine nails. This nail art trend is usually perfect for long nails, but a small anchor or dolphin can look beautiful on short nails too. Marine nails may take a lot of time and effort to create, but it’s worth it.

27. French Manicure with Flowers

Photo credit: pinterest.com

This year, French manicures are the biggest trend on most runways. A classic French manicure is a great choice for work, yet it’s boring if you don’t update it at least once a week.

Adding some beautiful flowers to your classic French manicure is a quick way to spice up your mani. It doesn’t have to look bright – it has to look delicate.

28. Splash of Colors

Photo credit: pinterest.com

If you have no idea what to paint today, or you simply don’t want to paint anything special, try a so-called splash of color mani. Start painting whatever your soul wishes.

It sounds weird but looks pretty good – even if you don’t have any nail art skills. The result may greatly surprise you.

29. Amethyst Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Amethyst nail art is becoming popular these days. It looks really tricky, but don’t forget that you can create your own design. Grab some violet or purple nail polishes and spend a few hours experimenting with different designs. You may be astonished at how creative and skillful you are once you finish your mani.

30. Lunar Manicure

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Lunar manicure is a classic nail art design, so girls and women of any age, status, or style can afford it with pleasure. This design is simple, concise, and, at the same time, very elegant and sophisticated.

Whether it is the spring period of updates, the hot summer season, or the cold months of changeable autumn and frosty winter, the fashionable Lunar manicure will be loved and relevant, harmoniously combined with any image.

31. Gradient Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

A gradient is an ombre effect, a smooth transition from one color to another. In manicure, it is used to combine two colors or even more and at the same time do without sharp lines and graphic blocks. Performing such an easy nail art idea, the boundaries between the colors seem to blur, and as a result, it turns out that the shades dissolve into each other.

32. Matte Manicure

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Matte manicure with each season is gaining more and more admirers among fashionistas around the world. After all, the matte effect is mega relevant in any season of the year. Moreover, it is combined with many advanced nail techniques. Therefore, restraint, elegance, and unique chic are inherent in a trendy matte finish in modern nail design.

Super trendy matte manicure offers us a lot of possibilities for nail design and nail art in fresh and bold interpretations that are not like the previously familiar and familiar designs. How beautiful a bright and colorful manicure looks in a matte solution with a velvet effect, perfect for the summer.

33. Craquelure Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

The nail pattern in the form of cracked varnish is a fashion trend in the nail industry. You can create this unique nail art design using a special varnish, which shrinks when dried and forms cracks.

The interesting thing is that each nail has a unique pattern. This type of manicure is just what you need for summer! This easy nail art idea is bright and unusual.

34. Cat-Eye Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

A cat-eye nail art idea is an excellent solution to go beyond the usual and try something more original. This easy nail art idea is performed with gel polish with tiny sparkles, which, under the influence of a magnet and the laws of physics, add up to the desired composition on the nails.

So, a beautiful manicure does not require much time to perform, and the result will undoubtedly please you for several weeks. A huge plus of this manicure is its versatility: it will look organically with every day and evening looks.

35. Marble Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

A beautiful marble nail art idea is an unusual stain on the nails that imitate the surface and patterns of natural stones. Today’s most popular type of marble design is a beige manicure with a marble print, distinguished by its special tenderness, airiness, and elegance. This unique nail art design will perfectly complement the image for every day, a business bow, and a festive outfit for special occasions.

To create a marble effect on the nails, you will need quite a bit – these are two or more contrasting shades of varnish, a little skill, and skill. At first glance, it may seem that only a pro can perform such an easy nail art idea, but this is false.

36.Manimal Manicure

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Minimal manicure allows you to demonstrate the sophistication and originality of your appearance. Thanks to the naturalness of the minimal trend manicure presented, you can be sure of your irresistibility because it is simplicity and innocence in everything that are the main aspects of beauty trends.

Minimal manicure fits perfectly into the most spectacular images we can see on the pages of glossy fashion magazines. You can demonstrate the rejection of excessive ostentation and extravagance and focus on essential details, functionality, and internal components, which correspond to this easy nail art idea.

37. Geometric Nail Art Ideas

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Trendy and popular geometric patterns and ornaments are diverse and shown by multiple variations of prints on the nails are always unusual and in demand in any solution. The advantage of geometric nail art ideas is their ability to complement different patterns and create using various techniques and methods for performing nail art.

This nail art design is based on creating geometric shapes using lines, strokes, zigzags, and dots that can be placed in any order and variation. In addition, a fashionable geometric manicure can be done in various ways, allowing you to demonstrate a stunning geometric nail design.

38. Negative Space

Photo credit: pinterest.com

The trendy “negative space” manicure looks excellent with a gradient on the nails and abstract patterns, allowing you to create a radically new nail art design. Applying bright shades of coatings and cute pastels, you can get attractive seasonal manicure solutions with “negative space” for summer. Rubbing, foil design in the form of prints and stripes, sequins, sparkles, cute pebbles, and crystals will help add zest to an easy nail art idea.

39. Manicure with Nail Stickers

Photo credit: pinterest.com

To combine beauty and lightness in the performance of a lovely, exciting, and exciting manicure for short and long nails, stickers and the so-called manicure sliders will help. The variety of nail sliders and stickers presented today is very large, allowing you to create extraordinary beauty drawings on nails and cute and stylish images using ready-made manicure slider stickers.

I should mention that there are many types of sliders, and how they are used on the nails depends on the kind of stickers. In general, there are two main types of stickers for manicure: those that are glued to varnish or glue, as well as water ones, which must first be dipped in water.

40. Print Nails

Photo credit: pinterest.com

The trendy colors for nail art are constantly changing, however, the animal print remains relevant. The animal print trend in manicure is an opportunity to showcase your creativity, as there are no restrictions here.

They will look appropriate at any time of the year and are suitable for both a business look and a cocktail dress. To combine original art and fashionable shades in manicure, you can cover your nails with nude and pastel colors.

41. Stripe Nail Design Ideas

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Manicure with stripes can be an easy and super stylish nail art idea in the season for you. Effortless and almost versatile, trendy striped nail art will complement any of your outfits.

A striped manicure is perfect for summer – and it’s not only a nautical design but also neon striped nail art. Stripes on nails can be both the main element of nail art and part of a complex and non-trivial nail art with stripes in the style of geometry, minimalism, and top techniques.

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Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about nail art ideas lazy girls will love:

How do you do simple nail art?

One of the simple nail art designs is matte manicure! It does not demand much time and affords. Apply two coats of any polish from your collection. It can be with a dense or translucent texture, with a shimmer or glitter, metallic or mother-of-pearl.

Make sure that the coating is perfectly even, without the slightest flaws. A matte top will emphasize imperfections, so if you see any bumps, it is better to repaint the nail. In the end, apply a matte finish to your nails. And your manicure is ready!

How do nail art at home for beginners?

Even if you aren’t surprised with a monophonic manicure, it seems that you can’t find a better way to make your hands accurate and give a well-groomed look, especially if you are a beginner.

Start any manicure with care. First, you need to correct the shape of the nails, then soften and push back the cuticle. Then choose a color that will allow you to be in trend in the new season.

To apply varnish on the nails in a proper way, draw a strip along the center of the nail, starting from its base, and then two more of the same on the sides of the main one.

What are the 5 basic nail designs?

French, Lunar manicure, nude, pastel tones, and manicure with stripes are the most basic and versatile nail art ideas. Moreover, they will fit absolutely any outfit and be relevant at any time of the year.

How can I decorate my nails easily?

Why spend an hour or two creating drawings if there is a ready-made solution? We are talking about stickers: small decals can be used to decorate both “bare” nails and a colored coating, thereby decorating a manicure.

Between us girls, nail art is actually simple. Let others think that your mani is tricky and expensive. But now you know some frugal and easy nail art ideas that, hopefully, will completely change your mani routine. These ideas are perfect for both short and long nails, as well as fake nails.
Do you have any other ideas not mentioned on my list? If so, please share them with me. I want to try out some of your ideas too.