7 Nail Polish Colors Guys Like on Girls


Have you ever wondered if there are any particular nail polish colors guys like on girls? Many women say that it’s ridiculous to plan your life around what men love best on you.

Sure, it’s true, but you might be looking for all possible ways if you are trying to get his attention! One of the first things guys usually notice about girls when first meeting them is their hands. Check out a few nail polish colors guys like on girls!

1. Lavender

I’m so happy that this nail polish color is on this list, since lavender is one of my favorite colors! Men have always been known to like florals on women, and the same rule can actually work when it comes to nail polish colors guys like. Lavender is endearing as a nail polish so test it out if you haven’t before.

2. Ruby red

Bright ruby-red can be paired with almost anything, especially the lacey white summer top or classic LBD. Sure, this seems like a huge risk for more conservative women, but it’s one of the most eye-catching nail polish colors guys like!

3. Emerald

Emerald is one of the elegant and classy nail polish colors guys like, especially for formal events and dinner dates. In dark settings, your emerald nails will give your outfit some extra pop and get you noticed by the guy who wouldn’t see you. While some shades of emerald can be interpreted as gaudy, the right tinges of dark green and gold will produce a sexy nail polish color.

4. Coral

Guys claim they like coral on girls since it compliments even the palest skin tone and looks really natural and pretty. Coral can certainly be classified under nail polish colors guys like because it’s so fun, endearing, subtle, and pretty all at the same time.

5. Magenta

Magenta is not too subtle or too bright, and it’s so tender and ladylike! Magenta is another nail polish color guys like for all these reasons and even more. It’s timeless, and it can be worn during the year and with almost any outfit.

6. Ballet slipper pink

Ballet slipper pink is known as one of the nail polish colors guys like because it’s as simple and natural as it gets without washing out your skin tone. A man who is usually more conservative and reserved prefers a woman who acts similarly. Thus I recommend this lovely muted pink. Ballet slipper pink can be worn during any important occasion and even family affairs.

7. Crimson

Crimson certainly deserves a place amongst the nail polish colors guys like. It can spice up the nails of any woman because of its classic versatility. I like this nail polish color since it is very feminine and attractive!

Have you ever worn one of these nail polish colors on a date? Do you know any other nail polish colors guys like? Share your thoughts, please!