7 Amazing Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Be More Affectionate


Have you ever noticed that your boyfriend isn’t so affectionate with you as before? Maybe there is some problem in your relationship which you should obviously focus on. In fact, you are not the only woman who faces such an issue.

We can often observe that our partners are completely involved in some activities and almost pay no attention to us. They lose their affection. As a result, we are frustrated and disappointed. The reasons for a guy’s cold attitude to you can be absolutely different.

For example, it can be a peculiarity of his personality. I know lots of people who find it difficult to express their love to others. Perhaps your loving boyfriend can’t overcome his shyness.

In such a case, you are the one who can change the situation. Here are some of the most effective ways to make his affection for you stronger.

1. Express Your Enjoyment

In order to simulate your boyfriend’s affection, you should always remember how much you appreciate his love and attention to you. The problem is that natural men are not as affectionate as women are. So, it can be hard for them to understand our feelings.

For instance, when women usually meet, they hug and kiss each other and touch someone’s arm while speaking. That is not typical of men to do those things.

Having such a nature, we often expect our guys to behave in the same way, and when they fail, we can even get furious. But the only thing your guy need is to hear that you really enjoy his love and attention. You can change the whole situation with a few pleasant words.

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2. Smile at Him

To my mind, the smile has a great impact on our mood and people’s attitude to us. When you smile at others, they become more attached to you. It also concerns your boyfriend.

If you smile at him, especially when he expresses his warm feelings, you will inspire him for stronger affection. Your man should always see your joy and happiness from his love. Your enjoyment is a perfect motivation for him.

By appreciating your guy’s affection, you will encourage him to do more and more pleasant things for you. Keep in mind that one of your smiles is a great reward for him.

3. Flirt

Another amazing way to make your man more affectionate is flirting. Besides, it can be amusing. Why do people flirt with others?

The answer is straightforward. It is the best way to show the other person that you are interested in him. Usually, people flirt when they are single and want to attract somebody’s attention.

However, it doesn’t mean you should stop doing that when you have a boyfriend. Flirt more with your guy, and it will surely give a new breath to your relationship.

4. Give Him a Chance

I think that one of the reasons due to which our men can lose their affection is our eagerness to take the initiative and do everything on our own. We should give them a chance to express their love and emotions. This experiment is worth trying.

Give your sweetheart some freedom for his own performance. I’m sure you will be amazed at the results. You can find out some hidden abilities of your boyfriend.

Finally, you will feel satisfied when you see that he is an affectionate person. Perhaps, he couldn’t show his real passion and tenderness because of your excessive care and love.

5. He Needs Some Time

When it comes to love, you should never make haste. Only time and patience can build up a strong relationship. That’s why don’t be nervous if it seems your guy is not affectionate enough.

Perhaps, he needs some extra time to understand and react to all your signals. It is really an effective way to strengthen a man’s affection. Though, everything depends on the personality.

I do not guarantee that your guy will certainly change after this experiment. If all of your attempts fail, don’t be upset. Remember, your boyfriend loves you and cares about you.

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6. Compliment Your Guy for His Affection

Complimenting your man is a nice way to stimulate his affection. He will be glad to hear your appreciation of his fondness.

Let him know that you feel comfortable when he is holding your hand or hugging you. This tactic really works. In this way, you will show your boyfriend what you like most of all and what you need from him. The effect of such encouragement is undeniable.

7. Discuss the Problem

When you feel there is some problem in your relationship, you should immediately find possible solutions. If you suffer from a lack of affection for a long time and your guy doesn’t care much about you, it’s high time to discuss this problem with him.

Your sweetheart must know the reason for your worries and anxiety. Tell him that you want to get more love and attention from him. Men think differently from us.

Very often, they don’t even guess that something is going wrong. There is no need to drive mad when your guy is less affectionate. No doubt, a serious conversation about that will shed light on the situation.

If your man is not affectionate with you, all these tips are exactly for you. There are lots of other amazing ways to make your guy pay more attention to you.

Do you know any other effective things to do? Please, tell us about your own experience.