3 Signs You’re Scaring Away Potential Boyfriends


If you go on a lot of first and second dates, but can’t seem to get past that point, you’re probably wondering why. It could be something you’re doing and can easily change. Here are a few ways you may be ruining potential relationships with good guys.

1. You push commitment on him too soon

You had a great first date with a guy and you think you’re in love. He seems like the perfect guy. He even called and asked you for a second date. So far so good.

One of the worst mistakes you can make at this point is to try to get a commitment out of him. No matter what you’re feeling for him, it’s important that you recognize that it’s still too soon to push commitment. Don’t talk about how fun it will be when you move in together or go on your first road trip. You might be excited about where your relationship could be going, but talking about these things will only scare off a potential boyfriend.

2. You call or text him constantly

Being clingy is yet another way to scare off a potential boyfriend. Don’t start calling him and texting him constantly to show him how much you like him. It shows him that you like him, but it also shows him that you are clingy.

If you call or text him, let him get back to you before you try to contact him again. Give him a chance to miss you. He wants to know that you have your own life outside of your relationship with him. If he gets the impression that you’re going to be clingy and not give him space, he will not pursue a relationship with you.

3. You insert yourself into his life

Just because you’ve gone on one or two dates with a man doesn’t mean you’re in his life now. You’re not officially his girlfriend until you have that very specific conversation with him. It’s a bad idea to try and become part of his day-to-day life before he’s asked you. If you know his sister’s birthday is coming up, don’t ask him what you guys should do for her.

If he wants you to be involved, he will ask you. You might think it’s nice to get involved in his life, but it seems a little creepy if you’re not yet a couple. Don’t make plans for holidays and family events when you’re not yet a committed couple. Trying to play such a big role in his life will likely make him more nervous than excited.

Don’t make any of the above mistakes and ruin your chance at a relationship. It’s okay to take things slowly instead of rushing the relationship as so many people do these days.