5 Reasons to Date a Stubborn Guy


Sometimes we find ourselves attracted to people we never imagined we would be attracted to – bad boys, divas, stubborn guys or girls, etc. We may fight it for a while, but love wins in the end, and you might be “lucky” enough to end up with a stubborn guy.

Really? Well, dating a stubborn guy is not a terrible idea. Yeah, it might not be easy to get him to see things the way you see it, but he is worth it. If you are just about to date a stubborn guy and you need a logical reason you should date him, I have five reasons to make you see the good in him.

1. Stubborn guys do not waiver on their beliefs

Stubborn guys are not terrible at all; they are just headstrong and can appear impulsive, but that can be a good thing. Stubborn guys stay true to their beliefs; they hold onto their words and will not easily be pressured into promoting something they do not believe in.

That means once your guy believes that a vegan lifestyle is awesome, then no one can tell him otherwise. It also makes things easier for you because you can always vouch for him, you already know what he believes in, and you know he will not change up for any reason. Stubborn guys are principled.

2. They follow their ambitions

This is the mantra of stubborn guys. It is so easy for them to press forward on their dreams that they never allow anyone or thing to bother them. They are gifted, and it is only a stubborn guy that will attempt an experiment 99 times without giving up, even if he keeps failing.

He is the kind of man you need around you to challenge you when you get tired of trying. His drive will motivate you to try again until you achieve your goals. They never give up.

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3. Stubborn guys strongly defend their partners

How would you like your man to always stand up for you, and it is you and him against the world? Cool, right? I think the same way too. Stubborn guys will not allow anyone to disrespect their partners.

They are stubborn enough to confront anyone who even thinks it. A stubborn guy believes his partner is an extension of him and must be seen that way by everyone and whoever disrespects his partner will have to face him.

4. They love strongly

This is the most important part; stubborn guys do not play when they are in love. If a stubborn guy loves you, then you are in for a passionate affair. He would do anything to have you by his side, and he will do just as much to keep you.

Remember, stubborn guys are principled, so either you both are all in for a relationship, or there is nothing at all. Dating a stubborn guy will make your relationship feel like the movies, with so much passion.

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5. More fun in the relationship

Now do not expect a stubborn guy to back down easily! You two are going to argue forever until you give up. If he wants to cook, you can’t stop him, even if his cooking is bad, welp!

Secondly, having a loved one who does not hide his true opinions about you is a good thing. He will be available to tell you your flaws so that you can work on them, and no one will be able to use them against you.

Stubborn guys are not boring, though. Your stubborn partner will stop at nothing to make you smile, and that is a beautiful thing. Right now, I know that you already see him for what he is worth. Stubborn guys are golden, you will see.