Top 15 Longest Celebrity Marriages


We often hear of fast and fleeting celebrity marriages, but it would be really nice to mention some of the longest celebrity marriages. Maybe you call me old fashioned, but I think that marriage is a special thing and we need to know more examples of people treating it so.

That’s why I decided to compile a list of some of the longest celebrity marriages. These stars prove that not all celebrity marriages last for a short time and family is something they greatly appreciate. Read on and see what secrets you can learn from these famously-in-love couples!

1. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

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Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks have been married since 1988, and that is nearly 25 years! With a marriage over two decades long, they’re thought of by lots of people as the perfect celebrity couple in the world. Rita and Tom have two sons, Truman and Chester, and Tom also has two children from his first marriage, Colin and Elizabeth.

They still love and care for each other. Once Rita Wilson told Piers Morgan in the interview that Tom had said to her that she never has to change anything about herself to be with him. It is so gorgeous, isn’t it?

Recently they had a monthly separation and many tabloids came to a conclusion that Rita and Tom called it quits. However, they reunited and went on a vacation.

It seems that nothing can break down their couple. I love these two celebs and I hope they will be happy together forever!

2. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

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Russell and Hawn first met when Goldie was 21 and Kurt was 16 before reconnecting on the set of Swing Shift in 1983. Even though not officially married, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for nearly thirty years and they are still going strong.

Goldie has two children from her previous marriage, but they get along with Kurt very well. Goldie’s daughter Kate Hudson considers Kurt Russell as her dad; even though he isn’t her biological father, he has often accompanied Kate to premiers and supported her work. They also have a son, Wyatt.

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Goldie confesses that they are very different people with Kurt and sometimes it’s really hard to agree on something. “Marriage is always a challenge,” says Goldie, “because you always need a compromise.” But Goldie and Kurt have always had the same goals in their lives.

It’s obvious that they are meant to be together. The cutest thing is that they have never thought about tying the knot.

3. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

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Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have been married since 1997 and have 3 kids together. With 20 years of marriage behind them, this is certainly one of the best and longest celebrity marriages. As you know, 20 years for a Hollywood couple is a very long term.

Sarah and Matthew are a bright example of how to be popular stars and have a successful marriage at the same time. The couple believes that money cannot buy happiness, and maybe this is one of the secrets of a long-term relationship.

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Matthew and Sarah don’t allow anybody to intervene in their private life, and they don’t talk about their ups and downs. That’s the secret of a long and happy family life. Unfortunately, as it often happens with famous couples, they are surrounded by numerous rumors and stories about their problems.

Recently many tabloids have supposed that something’s going wrong in this couple. As usual, Sarah and Matthew don’t tell anything about the situation. Let’s hope that they will overcome all the difficulties and save their relationship.

4. David and Victoria Beckham

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David and Victoria Beckham got married in 1999 and had only 29 guests at their ceremony. No matter whether you are a fan of this couple or not, I think everyone can agree that for the number of public scrutinies David and Victoria Beckham are always under and how she seems to smile – this couple seems to have a really solid marriage.

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Victoria and David met in far 1997 and it took them half a year to understand that they loved each other. The most interesting thing is that Victoria wasn’t a football fan and she had no idea about who David was. Victoria gave birth to 4 amazing children: 3 sons and the youngest daughter.

Victoria and David always help and support each other. Sure, such a beautiful couple has faced many rumors. But despite all hearsay, they proved to be a strong couple.

5. David and Iman Bowie

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Models and rock stars seem to be a perfect relationship combination, David and Iman are the most famous of such celeb couples. The English rock musician and Somalian supermodel got married in 1992. They have a beautiful daughter, Alexandria Zahra.

David and Iman Bowie is a beautiful couple. When asked about what their secret is, Iman once said that she still fancies David, he is a curious person and he always makes her laugh like no one else does. David and Iman have learned to distinguish public and private life.

You can rarely find their personal photos, interviews or whatever in tabloids or broadsheets. Iman also admits that everything starts with mutual respect and passion.

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David and Iman got married when they were 45 and 37 accordingly. Both were married before and had children from previous relationships. Perhaps, that’s the reason they greatly appreciate each other.

They realize that it’s really difficult to find someone who will accept you as you are. Iman doesn’t find it hard to be married to the legendary musician. She likes his work and acts as pure inspiration.

6. Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon

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Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon have been married for over 22 years. They tied the knot in 1988 and their marriage still goes strong. They welcomed two lovely children, Travis and Sosie. Kevin Bacon is certainly connected to his wife.

Recently he shared his secret to a long, happy marriage, saying “I think you have got to keep fights clean and the sex dirty.” Kevin owns that he met his wife when he was in a real predicament. Since then things went right, he got married and had kids. Kyra was always his greatest support and inspiration.

Kevin and Kyra acted in many films like “Loverboy” and “Woodsman.” After many years of marriage, Kyra wonders that they still arouse interest in each other. She still learns a lot of new things about her partner as well as he learns about her.

But can you imagine that she doubted this man at the beginning of their family life? Kyra’s parents get divorced when Kyra was a little girl.

Since then she couldn’t rely on men. But Kevin has proved to be a loving husband and carrying father. Now their kids are grown-up and Kevin and Kyra are still young. They are really a beautiful couple!

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7. Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill

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This couple has been married since 1996 and has 3 amazing daughters: Audrey, Gracie and Maggie. Recently Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill traveled together and arranged the dates around their children’s school timetables.

They spent almost 18 years together but their feelings seem to be deep and strong. Recently there were a lot of rumors claiming that their relations are on the rock.

However, Tim and Faith ensured the society that it was a complete hearsay. Though, Tim’s problems with alcohol, drugs and women are well-known.

Till 2008, he was often observed in drunken brawls and with other women. Faith’s attempts to save the family were often criticized, as most thought she deserved a better man. She frequently gave her husband an ultimatum – he could either stop all the mess or it was divorce.

But when he had to choose between his family and revelry, the choice was evident. Now the two amazing singers are absolutely happy and joyful. They managed to survive their ordeals.

Tim and Faith believe that true love can overcome all the troubles. They bring up children, record songs and tour around the country.

8. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani

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Sexy musicians, Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, have been married since 2002 and have 2 little boys together, Kingston and Zuma. This year Gwen gave birth to their third son.

Gwen and Gavin married in London, and then had a second ceremony in LA two weeks later. Stefani said in a recent interview that having children with Gavin is “the ultimate collaboration.” How sweet it is! But their relationship was not always so smooth.

It is known that Gwen and Gavin went through many problems and obstacles in their way. They could almost split in 2004 when Gwen found out that Gavin has a 15-year old daughter from his previous relations.

However, Gavin proved his love to Gwen and their children. Now the couple is going to work together in a new show.

Hopefully, it will only enhance their feelings. Anyway, after 12 years of being together, Gavin and Gwen are as close as it is possible for any love-struck couple.

9. Sarah Michelle Prinze (Gellar) and Freddie Prinze Jr.

The marriage of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. has been going strong since 2002. Freddie and Sarah met on the set of 1997 thriller I Know What You Did Last Summer, but they didn’t start dating until 2000.

Sarah changed her last name to Prinze on their 5th wedding anniversary. The couple has a four-year-old daughter Charlotte and a little son Rocky.

Sarah confesses that being a mother isn’t that scary, the main point is to love and trust. And Michael seems to be the best father ever. He’s never put his work above family and children.

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It’s incredible how this tender woman manages to be a successful actress, loving the mother and caring wife. Sarah and Freddie rarely have their family photos taken.

They believe that family is definitely not the thing that should always be in limelight. Partly, that’s the secret of staying married for 15 years.

They always spend vacations together and they are completely committed to each other. Sarah and Freddie don’t think that their life has changed a lot after getting married.

When you choose someone to spend your life with it doesn’t matter whether you are married or not. We can only wish them a lot of happiness.

10. Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have been married since 2000. In a recent interview, Michael Douglas said that he and his wife Catherine are doing well and that Catherine is the best wife and he supports her with everything. Even the great difference in the age is not a hindrance to their love and a happy marriage life.

Michael confesses that due to his life experience he realized and reappraised many things. The 69-year old actor says that the most important things in his life are family, children, and love. The couple has two wonderful children: son Dylan and daughter Carys.

After a short separation in 2013, they reconciled their relationship and still live together. Michael and Catherine said that they needed some time to think about their marriage.

However, the actors admitted that they had never thought about split or divorce. They went through his throat cancer and her health problems together.

Strong faith and mutual concern helped 44-year old actress and her husband stand up to all the problems and difficulties on their way. Michael believes that you cannot take your love and marriage for granted.

Being together is always a great job. Catherine and Michael are happily married for 13 years already.

11. Bono and Ali Hewson


Ali Hewson, Bono’s wife, admits that being married to her husband has not always been easy, but their shared memories keep their relationship strong. Bono and Ali have been married since 1982 and they have two beautiful daughters, Jordan and Memphis Eve, and two handsome sons, Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q and John Abraham.

Despite all rumors, Bono and Ali are still happy together! Bono and Ali display endless wisdom in their relationship. They let each other succeed in their careers and reach their goals.

Ali was bringing up their four children while Bono toured around the world with his band. Bono finds her wife very independent and willful. She is a loving mother and a wonderful wife.

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With her famous status, Ali is a very modest and sincere person. That’s the reason why he still loves her.

Ali always spurs Bono on new songs and achievements. At least half of all U2 songs are devoted to Mrs. Hewson. Though, she hates being called Bono’s wife as it always associates with his frequent absentees and her being alone.

On the other hand, long separations help them not to take each other for granted and bring something new in their relationships. “After being apart I feel that I love him even more,” says Ali.

12. Denzel and Pauletta Washington


Denzel married Pauletta, whom he met on the set of the film “Wilma,” on June 25, 1983. The couple has 4 wonderful children together: daughter Katia, son John David, and twins Olivia and Malcolm. Pauletta and Denzel renewed their vows in South Africa, in 1995; their ceremony’s officiated by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Although the actor was accused of cheating on Paulette for several times, ill-wishers could only envy and wonder at her firmness. Despite the latest divorce rumor, Pauletta and Denzel Washington are still together and they still look happy after many years of marriage.

Once he said that marriage is not a sprint, but a marathon. Indeed, looking at 30 years of their happy marriage, we can judge that Denzel has got the right idea.

The couple spends a lot of time apart from each other due to Denzel’s filming. But he admits that such separations only make their relationship stronger. Now, when their four children are grow-up, the couple can spend their precious time together in between his busy and successful career.

The only thing that gives Denzel strength and confidence is the complete certitude in his wife. That is the case of true love!

13. Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson


In 1980, Samuel L. Jackson married LaTanya Richardson who was a famous sports channel producer and a wonderful actress. Their love began in a college and lasts till now. They welcomed a beautiful baby girl Zoe in 1982 who is a successful freelance film and TV producer now.

Despite numerous rough patches in the relationship over the years, their love has endured even till now. Jackson has always adored LaTanya’s great love of life, an amazing sense of humor and a great love of people around her. The couple has a strong feeling of civic duty, and in 2009, they founded a charitable organization to support education.

During more than 30 years of marriage, they faced many difficulties on their way. In the late 80s when Samuel was extremely popular and demanded actor, he got hooked on drugs.

However, due to LaTanya’s support and patience he managed to overcome the addiction. Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson rarely speak out about their relationship and personal life.

You will never find their spicy interviews or comments on their relationship. Perhaps, that’s the secret of their happy 34-year-lasting marriage.

I think it’s really hard to split after being together for such a long time. I hope Samuel and LaTanya will cope with any difficulties.

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14. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne


Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are one of Hollywood’s longest-standing couples. They are also thought to have one of the most turbulent marriages.

Ozzy met Sharon when she was 18 and he was still married to his first wife. He married Sharon on 4 July 1982 and he said that he did it deliberately on Independence Day so that he could never forget his anniversary.

When they tied the knot, their friends had a bet that their marriage would last for a week. But Osbournes surprised everyone.

Although the couple nearly split a few times in their early years together due to Ozzy’s drug and alcohol abuse and physical violence, they have one of the most enduring relationships in Hollywood. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have three children – Aimee, Kelly and Jack. Only thanks to Sharon the rockstar managed to give up alcohol and drugs.

In his book “I am Ozzy,” he admitted that he started drinking heavily in 18. Up to 40 he couldn’t live a day without a couple of bottles of whiskey. Sharon helped and supported him all the time. In the middle 2000s Ozzy completely refused alcohol and drugs. Although these problems often caused violence and long periods of rehabilitation, the couple stood up to all the difficulties.

15. Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman

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One of the funniest and longest-lasting couples in Hollywood that I personally like is Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. The couple married on January 28, 1982, and they have a son Jacob and two daughters, Lucy and Grace.

The couple was thought to be the strongest and most reliable in Hollywood. It took them 2 weeks to fall in love in 1971 and it took them 11 years to make their relationship legal.

In 2012, fans and industry watchers were shocked when Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman announced their separation after 30 years of marriage. But a month later they were seen together.

Fortunately, they have reconciled and they are still together for 32 years. They don’t believe rumors and they really love each other. I think it helps them to be one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples.

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Some celebrity couples divorce as simple as you change your order at a restaurant. But it’s glad to know that there are some longest celebrity marriages.

Do you know other long-lasting celebrity marriages? Share your thoughts, please!