8 Ways to Be a Sincere Person


Sincere feelings and sincere intents touch everyone’s hearts. It’s important to understand what defines sincerity and how to achieve it? There is no formula for sincerity better than to be sincere by having a faith in yourself and being genuine.

Don’t pretend to be sincere, there’s no sense. If you decided to become a sincere person, here are some ways on how to do it.


1. Realize that sincerity comes from the heart

Whatever you say or do, it is really important to mean to say or do it. You can’t be sincere if you say you love chocolate when you actually hate it.

You can’t be sincere if you praise someone but deep inside you hate her or him. You can’t be sincere when you make excuses for the purpose of future revenge. However, you can be sincere if you’re true to yourself.

2. Be genuine

Acting the same way alone as if you doing it in the presence of other people is another way to become a sincere person. If you try hard to be what you think others want to see in you, it will be insincere and you’ll spend lots of time projecting yourself as a person that isn’t a real part of yourself. It will be only a hard work, but the result won’t be sincere.

3. Do good without reward

When you do something good, don’t expect a reward. Giving is an act of an expression of your genuine concern for others, a sincerity and interest in other people. If you make your opinions and feelings obvious to others, there is a chance to become a sincere person.

4. Use positive affirmations

If you want to become a sincere person, you should always look for the good in situations, in you and in other people. Put yourself into the other person’s shoes and see where they’re coming from. If arise negative connotations, use your positive affirmations to outweigh the negatives and to find the brighter side of every situation.

5. Say only truth

If you’re placed in the situation that requires you to express your opinions or to offer compliments, but you feel hampered by white lies, there is a solution to this – choose the truth. For instance, if you’re called on to give a speech about someone you barely know, choose at least 3 things that you know to be good about that person and try to develop your speech around these good points. This can help you to speak from the heart.

6. Understand that sincerity can expose you

Opening up to someone about your feelings, aspirations and motives can cause a person to react in insincere way. If you know this possibility in advance, then it’ll be less of a shock.

Stay non-confrontational and calm when faced with such types of responses. There are some reasons like anger and insecurity that hide the inability of some people to deal with sincerity, that’s why they abuse you for it.

7. Be lack material neediness

Material neediness destroys sincerity because you always focus on protecting your properties and aiming to get more instead of looking around you at the human community. Learn how to be lack material neediness and open your heart to your community. In this way, sincerity becomes second nature.

8. Don’t polish responses

Sincerity is about spontaneity, immediacy, spur-of-the-moment decisions, which well up from your genuine self. If you polish responses whether by letter, e-mail, or speech, you will remove the sincerity and replace it with overlays of attempted perfectionism, caution, and even sugar-coating. It’s easy to detect the difference between getting that job, getting that deadline shifted, and getting that understanding you need.

These are all ways to be a sincere person. Do you want to become a more genuine person? Why? Share your thoughts, please!