7 Benefits of Staying Positive


Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a positive person, I want you to take a look at some benefits of staying positive! Being a positive person isn’t about being unrealistic and wearing rose-colored glasses. There are real benefits of staying positive that can help you learn how to look at things in a different light!

1. Get rid of stress

You probably know those people who have constant smiles on their faces and who never let anything get them down. Whether they are faking it or not, a benefit of staying a positive person is that you can get rid of stress! If you focus on the positive side of life, you will cope better with stress.

2. Improve your health

Another reason to stay positive is that you can improve your health! Harvard University conducted a study of 25 year old students and followed them through their lives and found that the optimist was in better health than the pessimist at ages 45 and 60. And that’s a good reason to become optimist!

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3. Work smarter

Staying positive can also help you work smarter and even not harder. The studies showed that positive people perform better than negative people in work environments, because the positive work environment fostered better performance. While this research was done in a workplace, the same could be assumed for schools and other settings where you work with other people!

4. Encourage others

Sometimes the world can be very cruel and harsh, and one of the good reasons to be positive is to inspire and encourage others through difficult times. It’s not an easy job, but the world needs optimistic people to lead others to think positively and do good things for others. Just think of how dismal and dark the world would be without optimistic people!

5. Live longer

Numerous scientific studies have shown that optimists tend to cope with illnesses better and live longer than pessimists. Keeping a positive outlook will not fix everything, but positive attitude can actually help you feeling better longer. Staying positive is a step in the right direction.

6. Become more resilient

Being resilient is one of the benefits of staying positive. It allows you to face difficulties with determination and strength. Optimistic people have the admirable ability to focus on what they can do to better the situation when they are faced with hardships. Doing so eventually helps them to overcome life’s challenges!

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7. Improve well-being

There are a plenty of benefits of staying positive, and the last reason is that you have greater overall well-being! Moreover, being optimist can help you to improve your immunity, become more resilient and deal better with stress. Optimistic people have a great reason to be happy and upbeat, and they feel really great!

Staying a positive person isn’t easy, but the benefits are well worth the effort. I’m not going to tell that you should change your personality, but there are times when having a positive attitude can serve you well.

Are you a positive person? What other advantages of being positive do you know? Share your thoughts, please!