10 Little Changes to Make for a Healthier Tomorrow


Many of us are in poor health without realizing it. Luckily, there are a few little changes we can make for better health right now. Taking small and easy steps towards better health is always a good idea. You don’t have to go on a diet and spend hours in the nearest gym in order to be healthy. Here are 10 little changes to make today for a healthier tomorrow. If you feel great about one little change, you can easily make another, and then another.

1. Ditch refined grains

The first simple change you can make for better health is to eliminate refined grains from your diet. Add more colorful foods to your meal plan instead. Refined grains are missing fiber and essential nutrients, not to mention they convert to sugar during digestion causing weight gain. Whole grains contain all the key nutrients the grains usually contain, and they are much healthier than refined grains. So, ladies, stop consuming those crackers, breads, and other sources of refined grains and start eating healthier foods like quinoa, oatmeal, or sweet potato.

2. Opt for whole foods

When it comes to changes you can make for better health, choosing whole foods over processed foods is a must. Whole foods are especially good for breakfast. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, so you should choose the foods that will fuel you until lunchtime. Never opt for a bagel, bar, or cereal since it won’t be a healthy breakfast.

Choose unsweetened yogurt and a piece of fruit, and add some walnuts or almonds to top for a great crunch. You can also make a sprouted grain toast, spread a little tomato, avocado, and sprinkle black pepper on top. Having whole foods for breakfast is always the best way to give your body the essential nutrients it needs, keeping you full longer. I like oatmeal with almond milk, flax, and vanilla stevia. This is a delicious breakfast that fills me up nicely and holds me over for about 3 hours on a busy morning.

3. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated balances our body fluids, prevents hunger, keeps us energized, as well as helps the body remove toxins. Drinking enough water every single day is one of the most important changes you can make for better health. Try adding more water-rich drinks to your day and make sure you eliminate soda and energy drinks. Oh, let’s not forget about caffeinated drinks! One cup of coffee a day is okay, but don’t drink it too much. There are many tasty water-rich beverages such as herbal tea with lemon, water with some refreshing lime slices, or simply plain water. Drink 6-8 glasses of it a day and you’ll feel and look fabulous every day.

4. Add smoothies to your healthy diet

As a huge smoothie junkie, I can state with confidence smoothies improve health. Once I added them to my eating plan, I have seen plenty of healthy changes in my hair, skin, and nails. You can also see these changes, if you add at least one smoothie to your daily diet. Just keep your smoothie low glycemic – use low sugar fruits such as kiwis and berries with Greek yogurt or clean protein powder, and add a chopped cucumber or several spinach leaves to boost your energy. It tastes so amazing that once you try it, you’ll want to drink it daily. A healthy smoothie can serve as a great breakfast, snack, or a light lunch. I also like to add some almonds and chia seeds to make this drink healthier.

5. Ditch sugar

Another important change you can make for better health is to stop consuming sugar. All added sugars and refined sugars must be cut out of your diet right now. Sugar doesn’t give you any health benefits, and eating it too much can lead to weight gain, acne, mood swings, and aging. It’s better to use the all-natural herb stevia or simply choose some fruit as an alternative to add sweetness.

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6. Move your body

You can’t become healthier if you don’t do any exercise. I’m not going to tell you to head to the nearest gym and spend the whole day or evening working out. Just get out and enjoy a good walk, or do something around your home that requires movement. Don’t spend the entire evening in front of the TV, try to do some activities instead. You’ll feel healthier tomorrow, I promise.

7. Add omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3’s are essential for your health. They lower acidity in the body, they’re anti-inflammatory, and they can help fight depression. Moreover, omega 3 fatty acids can help you lose weight and keep it off. They help prevent diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease as well. You can add omega 3 fatty acids to your eating plan through fortified organic eggs, walnuts, fish, fish oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds. These are excellent sources of omega 3’s and they are all incredibly delicious!

8. Eat your greens daily

Greens are the best friends of your body and it’s vital to eat them every day. Greens neutralize acids, help cleanse your digestive system and clean your blood and blood cells. Plus, they make you look beautiful. The thing is, greens contain chlorophyll that reduces breakouts, keeps your skin healthy, relieves stress, and fights off all sorts of disease. They are also known for improving your mood because of their high levels of B vitamins and magnesium. Greens are also rich in iron, protein, Vitamins A and K.

9. Eat more fruits and veggies

If you are having a difficult time eating fruits and vegetables, try to keep adding in more. After you cut all added sugars, processed foods, and refined grains out of your diet, try to focus on foods you can add more to your eating plan, like fruits and veggies. You can add them to almost any recipe and enjoy all their health benefits.

10. Just relax

Finally, the last very important change to make for a healthier tomorrow is to relax. After all, you can’t become healthy if you live a life full of worries and stress. You should learn how to relax more and stay positive throughout the day. Take walks, practice yoga, or spend some ‘me’ time at least once a week. Also, make sure you get enough sleep to boost your energy levels and fight off depression, disease, and prevent weight gain. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night is the best option.

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Health is a great asset. With all those unhealthy foods and sedentary works, most of us feel unhealthy. Hopefully, these changes to make for better health today will help you become healthier tomorrow. I recommend you to add in one or two changes this week and then try several more next week. Or, you can make them all right now and wake up healthier tomorrow! Which changes are you going to make for better health? Share your thoughts and tips with us, please, and thanks for reading.