8 Sound Reasons Curiosity Doesn’t Make You Look Silly


A woman who asks a lot of questions, especially dumb ones, irritates men thus most of us tend to hide our curiosity under the mask of fake knowledge. Girls often pretend they know a lot when they actually know almost nothing. If you ask why, I`ll say because they don`t ask questions. Being curious isn`t something terrible as you just show your desire to be smart and how can it be silly? Take a look at these reasons curiosity makes you look great but never silly.

1. You become easygoing

You just don`t know something and you ask someone about it. It`s simple and there`s no need to reinvent the wheel. Become easy-going by asking more questions. You shouldn`t pretend like you know everything as some day it may turn against you. A woman who is not afraid to ask dumb questions is wise, but the one who fakes knowledge is just a fake herself. Don`t be afraid to show that you don`t know something.

2. You become intelligent

Popular people didn`t get their knowledge from birth. Everyone is born with equal rights and knowledge. What makes people intelligent is curiosity. We aren’t able to know everything, which is why people share their knowledge with each other. The more answers we get, the more questions we have. You may start this way of wisdom just now if you start looking for the answers to your most interesting and important questions.

3. You become kinder

When you start asking questions, you gradually realize that there are more of them than you might have thought before. It’ll help you understand why some people keep quiet and listen more when others speak out. Those quiet ones know that we practically can`t know everything so there`s no need to say that you`re smarter than others. They ask more and teach less that makes them really intelligent and kind. They don`t try to show that they`re better than others as they know that we`re all equal by nature. You`ll become kinder by asking more questions, because thanks to curiosity you show that you`re not the best but you`re just a human.

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4. You know what you want

Curiosity gives you knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the more chances of finding out what you want you get. A woman who`s afraid to look silly by asking questions has a tiny knowledge. The only thing she`s ready for in life is to do what others tell her. She just knows nothing thus she can`t even imagine what life is and what opportunities she has. Try to ask as many questions as you can and get more and more knowledge to have a wide choice of life goals and to be able to choose the most preferable for you personally.

5. You expand your world view

When you ask questions people give you their subjective point of view to what you`re asking about. The more people you ask, the more opinions you get. These various points of view expand your own outlook and you gradually become wiser. Everyone is different and when you compare those thoughts, you can point out the pure truth you can use in future.

6. You become happier

A happy woman is the one who knows what she wants and how to get it. Ask more to know more and you`ll easily choose your life path. It`ll really make you happier in life. Those who can`t let themselves find out what they want, often feel stressed because they are afraid of others judgment. It`s a wrong way you shouldn`t even look at because it`ll make you feel miserable and weak only.

7. You can help people you love

Curiosity gives you knowledge and knowledge gives you power – power is knowledge itself. When someone is in trouble, you can help you. Actually, your curiosity can help them. You know what they don`t know and you`re open to give them a piece of your power. Helping others is something that makes you confident and happy.

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8. You can raise happy and smart children

Raising children is every woman`s instinct. It`s our nature and, of course, everyone wants to have a happy child. You don`t want your answers to each of their questions be something like “you`ll understand it when you become an adult”, right? That`s why you should be intelligent to raise an intelligent child. Be curious and learn more. Then your future children will also be happy with such a smart mother.

Curiosity is essential if you want to be happy. Knowledge and experience are everything we have. But your experience depends on your knowledge a lot. Therefore, you should be more curious and not afraid to ask about everything you don`t know. Accept the truth that there`s someone who knows more than you and use it to live a happy life. What other advantages of curiosity can you tell us about?