7 Things You Should Never Take Personally


Women are delicate by nature, which is why many of us tend to take everything personally. It’s hard not to take things personally, but if you don’t break this habit, then you’re going to live a miserable life full of worries and health issues. Most of the stuff we hear about ourselves is exaggerated and taken personally while it`s only the waste of our precious time and limited energy that can be spend on something really important. Here are things you should never take personally in order to live a more peaceful life:

1. Someone pushing in front of you in a queue

If someone pushes in front of you in a queue, it really annoys but you still shouldn`t take it personally. It`s not the reason to get nervous and start screaming like a child. That person is just intolerant and ill-mannered. Be wiser and act like a grown-up woman. There’s no sense in fighting with someone you don’t know and hopefully never meet again.

2. Traffic jams

Almost all people lose their temper because of traffic jams when they have a lack of time or are simply tired of waiting. Well, it’s frustrating and annoying but worrying about it is senseless. Do you really think that the traffic jam has been arranged to cause you troubles? Stay calm and find some activities to do instead of worrying. Turn on your favorite music, listen to some inspiring and positive podcasts, or learn a foreign language, it always helps me to relax when I`m stuck on the road.

3. Negative online comments

If you spend a lot of time online, you probably know how it’s difficult to deal with negative comments. Why should you worry about the opinion of someone you don`t even know? Don’t feel down when you suddenly find out that someone doesn`t agree with you. Everyone has their own point of view so taking it personally is a quick way to go mad. Let others think what they want, and keep following your own thoughts.

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4. Your meal isn`t appreciated

If you cook for someone, you expect to be praised for your creation. When it doesn`t happen you may feel bad about it but you don`t need to take it personally. Remember that tastes differ and so it’s okay when your partner tells you that he doesn’t like your dessert, for example. Ask him to cook for you instead – just be honest if his dessert will be tastier than yours.

5. Someone looks at you

If someone stares at you, it doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you. I used to pay attention to those looks and I always thought that people laughed at my appearance or strange behavior. It lasted until I once noticed that the guy I looked at started to get nervous. I was smiling because of my high spirit and unintentionally I touched him with my look. Then I realized that he might have thought I was laughing at him. Taking someone`s stares personally is silly and even selfish. Why do you think you deserve their attention at all? Those people may be looking at something behind you or simply laughing at the subject of their talk.

6. Customers` rage

If your job requires you to deal with customers, oftentimes you can face dissatisfied ones. Keep in mind that if they get angry and even scream at you, they`re not contented with your company but not with you. You should better try to smooth the conflict instead of taking those arguments personally. Let your work stay at work and never bring that stress to your home.

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7. You didn`t get the job

It`s a tough challenge, of course, and it`s often hard to move on after you haven`t got the job you want. But it happens because the employers have to make a difficult choice. They must choose only one person and if you don`t get the job it doesn`t mean you`re bad. It`s life and you should be able to accept the challenges it gives you. It may be beneficial for you as you can find even a better job in future.

Taking everything personally is surely a terrible habit that takes our time and sometimes even causes a long-term depression. In fact we often misunderstand something and suppose that someone wants to hurt us when it`s not so indeed. My advice for you is to ignore everything that prevents you from reaching your goals. When you stop caring about those trifles, it`ll be easier to think clearly and you`ll keep being positive in all your actions and thoughts. What things do you usually take personally?