8 Brilliant Fourth of July Party Decor Ideas


If you are thinking of throwing a Fourth of July party that your friends remember for years, you might want to know some splendid Fourth of July party decor ideas. These ideas are budget-friendly and they don’t take a lot of time and effort. Be it a BBQ party or a beach party, this year, make your gathering more memorable and festive by trying out a few of these 8 magnificent Fourth of July party decor ideas.

1. Firework pom-poms

We all like to look up to the skies waiting for the fantastic fireworks. However, we can bring the same fireworks to the table. Although these fireworks are not real, they are still beautiful and safe.

Grab some bamboo skewer and vellum, and cut the vellum to make the firework pom-poms. Then, attach the firework pom-poms to the bamboo skewer, and place inside the bottle.