8 Brilliant Fourth of July Party Decor Ideas


If you are thinking of throwing a Fourth of July party that your friends remember for years, you might want to know some splendid Fourth of July party decor ideas. These ideas are budget-friendly and they don’t take a lot of time and effort. Be it a BBQ party or a beach party, this year, make your gathering more memorable and festive by trying out a few of these 8 magnificent Fourth of July party decor ideas.

1. Firework pom-poms

We all like to look up to the skies waiting for the fantastic fireworks. However, we can bring the same fireworks to the table. Although these fireworks are not real, they are still beautiful and safe.

Grab some bamboo skewer and vellum, and cut the vellum to make the firework pom-poms. Then, attach the firework pom-poms to the bamboo skewer, and place inside the bottle.

2. Flag centerpiece

Any 4th of July party is not complete without flag centerpiece. Grab a small, clean pot, decorative glass, some balls and small flags. Arrange them with the flags and an impressive and attractive centerpiece is ready!

3. Patriotic pinwheels

Patriotic pinwheels will also make breathtaking centerpiece additions. Look for a printable pattern to download and try to find 3 sizes so that your small party centerpieces will look more unique. Simply attach the pinwheels to sticks, or use clothespins if needed.

4. American banner

Make your mantle look more beautiful and festive for your 4th of July party by making American banner. If you don’t want to freehand the letters look for printable downloads. You can ask your little ones to help you – you will keep them busy for a few hours and get your decorations faster.

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5. Ribbon stars

You can use these festive ribbon stars as decoration for straws at your 4th of July party or as garland. You can even use them as festive brooches for your guests. Whatever you choose, ribbon stars will make your party a bit brighter.

6. Bandana party ideas

Purchase a few bandanas in blue, white, and red and use them for wrapping favors, as napkins, and for presenting that pie you can’t wait to make. This is one of the cheapest Fourth of July party decor ideas that won’t wreck your budget. You can even ask your guests to wear the bandana to the party.

7. Patriotic rag balls

Make use of your fabric stash by making patriotic rag balls. You will need fabrics in red, blue, and white, styrofoam balls, glue, and scissors.

Start with cutting the fabrics into strips (the fabric strips don’t necessarily have to be precisely measured and cut), then glue them onto the balls, and arrange those balls as magnificent centerpieces as you want. It’s an instant way to get your family and friends in the patriotic mood and make your party unforgettable.

8. Sand castles

Sand castles are awesome, especially if you’re planning to have a late afternoon or evening party. The thing is, the candle holders with colored sand in red, white, and blue are great table luminaries. Plus, they are easy to make.

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One of the best things about these 4th of July party decor ideas is that you can easily use them for other parties. Just change the colors of the bandana, sand, ribbons, and fabric strips and you will have awesome party decor ideas in a jiff.

If you are short on cash, pick some of these ideas to throw a budget-friendly party everyone will love. Do you have some other 4th of July party decor ideas?