7 Amazing Fourth of July Treats for the Whole Family


Independence Day is a good excuse to enjoy some delicious treats. The great news is that you can make your own homemade Fourth of July treats. Don’t worry, these treats are easy and quick to make.

If you want to show off some fascinating cooking concoctions, try out some of these red, white and blue Fourth of July treat ideas. Your family and guests will definitely like them.

1. Chocolate covered pretzels

Chocolate covered pretzels are quick and easy to make and they are incredibly tasty. You will need white chocolate or milk chocolate candy melts and patriotic sprinkles.

In a microwave or a double boiler, melt the white chocolate, dip the pretzels about halfway into the melted chocolate and sprinkle with some red white and blue star sprinkles. Freeze and enjoy!

2. Patriotic berry kabobs

One of the most festive and delicious fourth of July treats is patriotic berry kabobs. This patriotic flag is not only beautiful, but it’s also amazingly tasty and healthy. Plus, they are so quick to make.

You will need some wooden skewers, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. Alternate slices of strawberries and bananas, top the last skewers with blueberries and you’ll have the patriotic flag.

3. Red, white and blue cheesecake

If you feel like making your own cheesecake, red, white and blue cheesecake is a simple and easy Fourth of July dessert. Purchase a cheesecake, slice it into even slices, make streaks of red using raspberry or strawberry jam and place several blueberries to create the square of stars in the top left corner.

4. Patriotic punch

Patriotic punch is a great beverage for a sultry July day. Just pour a little cranberry juice, add in several ice cubes and pour blue Gatorade frost directly on top of the ice.

Let the ice cubes be the “white” portion of the punch, or add in sprite. Try to pour each layer on top of the ice so the layers stay separate. You can make a batch of this patriotic punch in a clear dispenser or in individual glasses.

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5. Stuffed strawberries

Stuffed strawberries make a great summer treat and the perfect snackatizer for Independence Day. You can stuff strawberries with the Mascarpone Cheese or whipped cream.

Start with cutting an X on the tip of every strawberry. Mix the Mascarpone cheese, sugar and heavy cream with a mixer and fill the berries using a piping bag.

6. Patriotic fruit plate

Bananas and strawberries are not the only white and red fruits. Watermelon and pineapple are great options too.

Lay some slices of watermelon and pineapple out on your tray in red and white lines and place several blueberries to create the square of stars in the top left corner. A wonderful fruit plate is ready.

7. Patriotic cupcakes

Patriotic cupcakes are perfect for adults and children alike. These cupcakes don’t require silverware and cutting like a cake.

In a microwave or a double boiler, melt each color of candy melts and place each in a ziplock bag. On sheets of waxed paper, pipe back and forth in a zigzag pattern to make long sticks of each color candy coating. Allow it to stand until firm (about an hour).

Top your confetti cupcakes with the white frosting. Then, break your colored zigzags and stick them into the frosting of your cupcakes. Don’t forget about sprinkles.

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The Fourth of July is one of the most important holidays of the summer. These treats are quick and easy to make and they are perfect for any summer party.

Every family has their own secret treats, yet if you don’t know where to start, pick one of these ideas and surprise everyone with your cooking skills. What are your favorite the Fourth of July treats?