10 Summer Party Food Ideas Kids Will Love


Summer is the perfect time to invite the neighborhood kids over for a block party. If you’re planning a big bash for the little ones, you’re going to need lots of fun treats for hungry tummies. Rather than just making or buying ordinary kid-friendly snacks, opt for something more unique and delicious.

Here are some of the easiest yet incredibly tasty summer party food ideas that every child will love. They are not only budget-friendly and quick-to-make, but healthy as well.

1. Fruit kabobs

As a mom, you know how it’s hard to trick your little one into eating fruit each day. When it comes to pleasing children, anything is more fun on a stick.

Slice up some fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges and pineapples, or any other fruit your child loves.  Stack the chunks on skewers and kids can enjoy a colorful way to get their daily dose of vitamin C.