10 Summer Party Food Ideas Kids Will Love


Summer is the perfect time to invite the neighborhood kids over for a block party. If you’re planning a big bash for the little ones, you’re going to need lots of fun treats for hungry tummies. Rather than just making or buying ordinary kid-friendly snacks, opt for something more unique and delicious.

Here are some of the easiest yet incredibly tasty summer party food ideas that every child will love. They are not only budget-friendly and quick-to-make, but healthy as well.

1. Fruit kabobs

As a mom, you know how it’s hard to trick your little one into eating fruit each day. When it comes to pleasing children, anything is more fun on a stick.

Slice up some fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges and pineapples, or any other fruit your child loves.  Stack the chunks on skewers and kids can enjoy a colorful way to get their daily dose of vitamin C.

2. Mini sandwiches

Miniature hands call for miniature sandwiches. Make tiny hamburger patties, cook them on the grill and place each one on a small roll.

If you’re looking for a cold option, try placing sliced deli meats on a sub roll and cutting the sandwich into four pieces. Let kids top the handheld delights with all their favorite fixings to create their own mini masterpieces.

3. Dip bar

To give children another fun way to enjoy the party, try setting up a dip bar that features a variety of sauces in single-serving cups. Supply commonly-dipped items like chicken tenders and raw veggies with offerings like ranch dressing, ketchup and honey mustard. Kids will love dipping into all kinds of saucy choices!

4. S’mores

This suggestion is a childhood classic that never goes out of style. Let each little guest roast a marshmallow until it’s warm and golden brown.

Place the gooey result between two graham crackers with a few pieces of chocolate. Just one bite of this scrumptious creation will have everyone begging for “s’more.”

5. Ice cream sandwiches

You can’t throw a proper summer shindig without ice cream. Make your own version of an ice-cream truck staple by preparing a batch of homemade cookies and spreading a scoop of ice cream between two of them.

Repeat with the remaining cookies and freeze the sandwiches for a few hours. Your little ones will happily gobble up the frozen favorite.

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6. Cracker stackers

Most kids love eating cheese and crackers.  Make this snack even more fun by letting them create towers to devour.  Children can stack slices of Swiss, Monterey Jack and American cheese between buttery, toasted crackers for a treat that’s as tall as it is tasty.

7. Yogurt pops

For a quick and healthy party dessert, try this simple idea. Spoon some vanilla or strawberry yogurt into small paper cups.

Place a stick into the center of each cup and freeze until they harden. When you pull them out of the freezer, you’ll have creamy yogurt pops for your guests to carry around while they play.

8. Mini pizzas

If you ask a kid what their favorite food is, they will most likely say that it’s pizza. You can serve up a kid-sized version by putting a little tomato sauce and shredded cheese on some mini bagels or pitas. Toast them in the oven for a few minutes for a crowd-pleasing addition to your party menu.

9. Caramel apples

Apples are nutritious food for growing bodies. Add a bit of low-fat caramel to this healthy fruit and you’ll have a kid-friendly dessert for any party. Whether you serve covered apples on sticks or slice some up for dipping, caramel apples provide something that’s easy for tiny fingers to grab off the dessert table.

10. Party fudge

Fudge is a delicious confection that can be made quickly and easily for your kiddie gathering. Just melt a bag of white chocolate chips and combine with a can of vanilla frosting.

Stir in some colorful sprinkles and pour into a loaf pan.  Allow the mixture to harden overnight before cutting your fudge into small squares. Now you’re ready to give kids a treat that tastes just like the frosting of a party cake.

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When you’re throwing a party for children, you want to serve up a menu that will be pleasing to the all those particular palettes. Use the suggestions on this list to help you create a buffet that even the pickiest eater is sure to love.

With these kid-friendly summer party food ideas, you can plan a bash that every kid in the neighborhood will want to attend! If you have any other kid-friendly summer party food ideas, feel free to share them with us.