10 Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Games


Halloween is full of spooky, scary fun. Kids love the chance to wear a costume they’ve chosen and devour candies and treats.

It doesn’t have to be all trick-or-treat, a good Halloween party can be the star of the holiday. Get kids moving and having fun with a variety of kid-friendly Halloween party games. Throw a spooky and spectacular Halloween party without worrying that your little guests will feel bored.

1. Spooky Soup

Use some construction paper and cut out various shapes such as bats, lizards, monster fingers and any other creepy shapes to go in the soup. Make two sets, one in orange and the other in black.

Place the shapes on a table, make two teams and give each kid a straw. Place a plastic cauldron behind the shapes and give each child 5-10 seconds to use the straws to suck up the shapes and drop them into their team cauldron. The team that gets all their shapes into their pot first is the winner.

2. Monster Waiter Relay

Give each kid a blown up balloon and some markers. Let the kids decorate the balloon like a scary head.

Explain that they are waiters in a monster restaurant and they should get their head to the monsters at the finish line. Now, have four or five kids line up beside each other.

Give each one a paper plate and explain that they should keep their balloon on the plate and their arm up in the air like a waiter as they race to the finish line. If the balloon falls off the plate, that player should pick it up and return to the starting line. Keep a good stock of treats and prizes because kids will definitely want to play a few rounds of this Halloween party game!

3. Make a Mummy

Kids will have a great time dressing up as a mummy. Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper and split the kids into two or three teams. Give each team a good supply of toilet paper and let them draw straws, roll dice or play rock-paper-scissors to determine who will be the mummy.

If you have an abundance of kids, assign each one a limb to wrap. The game is won by the team who covers their mummy the best before the time is up.

4. Anatomy of a Monster

It’s a classic and wildly fun Halloween party game that lets your little guests use their creativity to the fullest. Set the tone for the game by telling the story of the mad scientist and his evil laboratory where he keeps all the body parts to build monsters. For the sensory part of the game you’ll need several bowls and a box to fit over each.

Cut a circle in the top of each box so that kids can get their hands through to feel the ghoulish body parts. You can use these items for the various body parts:

Brain: Cook a head of cauliflower so that it’s a little soft or use a large peeled tomato.
Eyes: Peel and freeze some grapes. The cold and slimy feeling will surprise and delight kids.
Heart: Use a lump of uncooked liver.
Intestines: Use lasagna noodles that have been cut in half lengthwise and left to sit in water to make them slimy.
Hair: Damp yarn. The itchy feeling will really have kids wondering what it is.
Hand: Use a plastic glove. If you want the flesh to be rotting, fill the glove with gelatin. If you want the illusion of broken bones, fill the glove with crushed ice.
Nose: Use a pickle or a big prune.
Ear: Try a dried piece of fruit such as an apricot or apple slice.

The game starts after all kids have felt all the body parts. Now let kids guess what each body part really is! This game is a fantastic Halloween party starter!

5. Werewolf Tag

A Halloween version of Marco Polo. The child who is the werewolf is blindfolded and may wear some special object such as a wolf tail, ears or fuzzy paws. Make a circle with some tape on the floor or when playing outside, make sure players know the boundaries.

When the blindfolded werewolf howls, all the other players should howl back. Play until everyone is tired or has been the werewolf at least once.

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6. Spider Hunt

Place plastic spiders around the house or hide them around the yard and send kids out to find them. If you are going to decorate the party with spiders, it’s a good idea to place some stickers on the bottom of the ones you want to be found.

You can even put a couple special stickers on some spiders – the kids who find those ones get a special prize. The child with the biggest number of spiders wins. Give kids plastic jack-o-lanterns to carry their haul of spiders and let them go hunting.

7. Seed Spitting

This game is best played outside. Save those seeds from all the pumpkin carving and pass them out to the kids. Have kids line up and spit their seeds. The child who gets their seed the farthest is the winner.

You can also use food coloring to dye the seeds different colors. That way you can line kids up side by side and let them spit as many seeds as they can before time is up. You can see who is the winner by the color of the seeds.

8. Freeze Dance

Want to keep your little guests entertained for hours? Play “The Monster Mash” song and let kids display their monster moves. When the music stops, the kids should freeze in place. Anyone who moves is out of the game.

The last one standing is the winner. Laughter is guaranteed!

9. Counting Candies Game

Every child loves candies, so why not try this Halloween party game? Fill a large jar with Halloween candies and let kids write their name and their guess on a piece of paper and place it in a bowl.

At the end of the night read out the guesses and award the jar and candy to the winner. All kids will have lots of fun!

10. Party Piñata

A piñata can be for any party. Buy a Halloween themed piñata and fill it with candies and small toys. Blind fold kids one at a time and let them hit the piñata.

You can roll a die to see how many hits each kids gets. A great activity for a party and everyone is a winner.

If you are on a tight budget, consider making your own Halloween themed piñata. Use your creativity and ask your little ones to help you make a unique piñata for the party.

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With these 10 Halloween games for kids, your party will be a scary success. Use a mix of classic and modern Halloween games to get kids laughing, moving and having fun.

Try out these games and make your party the hit of Halloween! If you have any other Halloween party game ideas for kids, feel free to share them with us.