10 Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Games


Halloween is full of spooky, scary fun. Kids love the chance to wear a costume they’ve chosen and devour candies and treats.

It doesn’t have to be all trick-or-treat, a good Halloween party can be the star of the holiday. Get kids moving and having fun with a variety of kid-friendly Halloween party games. Throw a spooky and spectacular Halloween party without worrying that your little guests will feel bored.

1. Spooky Soup

Use some construction paper and cut out various shapes such as bats, lizards, monster fingers and any other creepy shapes to go in the soup. Make two sets, one in orange and the other in black.

Place the shapes on a table, make two teams and give each kid a straw. Place a plastic cauldron behind the shapes and give each child 5-10 seconds to use the straws to suck up the shapes and drop them into their team cauldron. The team that gets all their shapes into their pot first is the winner.