6 Fun Winter Activities for Kids


When winter rolls around and your kids are sitting at home with nothing for entertainment but their electronic gadgets, these activities will be a welcome change from Nintendos and repeats of cartoons. Take a look at the list of 6 fun winter activities for your children!

1. Go ice-skating

For slightly older kids, go ice-skating! Head to your local indoor ice-skating rink for fun that isn’t freezing and makes time fly. Check your Yellow Pages or Google if you’re not sure where your local ice-skating rink is located.

A word of caution: don’t use frozen-over ponds or pools to go ice-skating! These may crack at any time and are unsafe for both kids and adults both.

2. Make paper snowflakes

If you’ve got younger children, head to your local crafts store. If they offer lessons, sit down and make paper snowflakes or paint Christmas ornaments with your kids. Once again, if you’re not sure where to find this, check online or in any local directories you own.

3. Go shopping

Shopping is always a favorite with the girls, but it can work wonders for your bored boys too—take ‘em shopping for sports equipment, cars, toys, etc. The mall is a great place to start, satisfying both girls and boys. And not only is it great for spending some time out of the home and away from gadgets, but it also offers plenty of exercise—walking from store to store is burning calories.

4. Pick out your Christmas tree!

It’s never too early to get a tree. Head out to a tree farm with your entire family, choose your favorite, and bring it back home.

Once you’re home, the part that’s even more fun is digging out the ornaments and decorating them. Let your kids add strings of popcorn, clusters of marshmallows, or whatever edible treat they choose to your tree.

5. Go to a museum

For more mature kids who have longer attention spans and can stay focused on older items, head to a free-of-charge or minimal-cost museum near you. This may sound like a boring option at first—but think about all the museums your town has!

If your child likes airplanes, why not try the local aviation or transportation museum? Google is a fantastic place to find museums with inexpensive admissions and interesting exhibitions.

6. Stir up some deliciousness in your kitchen

Making hot cocoa with premade packets is super-easy for younger kids, and baking Christmas cookies for the slightly older ones are just as tasty and simple. And the best part is, the cookies can be consumed for days to come!

Try these activities with your kids and see how they turn out. To make the most of Winter/Christmas break and snowy days when there’s nothing to do, have fun with your kids using these ideas. Do you have any other ideas? Feel free to share with us!